Backblast – 12 – 21 #TempleOfGloom

Though the weather outside was frightful, nine HIMs found a workout that was so delightful (questionable).

QIC: Tron

Pax: Red Roof, Diablo, Vincent (respect), Loco, OJ, Do do do do do, Pitino (welcome), Gillispie

Attire (for Zoo): He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot, And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot

Warm Up: Short mosey to the tennis courts for some warmup exercises.

Abe Vigodas, Arm Circles, SSH, Plank + stretching

The Thing

♫ For the first exercise of workout the Q Tron gave to me,

Al Gore’s (hugging a tree) ♫

♫ For the second exercise of workout the Q Tron gave to me,

Two Down and Backs, and Al Gore’s (hugging a  tree) ♫

♫ For the third exercise of workout the Q Tron gave to me

Three Burpees OYO, Two Down and backs, and Al Gore’s (hugging a tree) ♫

You get the idea of how this is going.  All the way to the finish of

♫ For the twelfth exercise of workout, the Q Tron gave to me,

Twelve Hundred Meters, Eleven Imperial Walkers, Ten Bobby Hurleys, Nine Gas Pumps Pumping, Eight Rosalitas, Seven Baby Crunches, Six ‘Merican Hammers, FIVE Da-Vin-Ci’s, Four plain old merkins, three Burpees Oyo, Two down and backs, and Al Gore’s (hugging a tree) ♫

The middle section ensured that all PAX would have a very “Mary” Christmas


All told, totals for each exercise were

12 Al Gores, 22 down and backs (woof), 30 burpees, 36 merkins, 40 DaVincis, 42 ‘Merican Hammers, 42 LBCs, 40 Rosalitas, 36 Gas Pumps, 30 Bobby Hurleys, 22 Imperial Walkers, and 1200 meters.  By my count, total distance run was 2.25 miles (1.5 from the down and backs and 3/4 from the 1200)

Ended with Circle Time for Name-o-Rama and asked SkyQ to keep us all safe and thank him that we don’t have to do all this stupid stuff alone.


Tron out.


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