11/24 BackBlast #KiloQ at the Blender #SnakeHill #KilOga


Lets just say, Pax = Mouse and Snake = Hill.  We were devoured for breakfast in the gloom this morning.  Im pretty sure Zoo strolled up (late) with a coffee cup similar to the one the mouse is holding.  As for my attire, I was unsure what to wear last night for such a big occasion (Blender VQ).  Out of nowhere God dropped another sign similar to the one the morning of the rooster.  A tweet rang out from the anonymous @f3themutt handle asking YHC if he was planning to light up the blender with his NEON.  I really wanted to wear my NEON but the weather was not going to allow me to only wear a long sleeve shirt (unless i wanted to pull a Pope).  Then upon searching for a clever GIF to respond to the anonymous @f3themutt i stumbled upon a batman GIF that immediately jogged my memory.  I recently purchased a SWEET neon batman hoodie from walmart on clearance for this exact occasion.  SO, it was settled.  I looked bright and full of energy, which is kind of my thing.


Zoo looked great in a Posh like vest with a neoprene winterized wind proof vibram thermal shock hood.  it was blue i believe and so were his shorts.  he likes to match.  But man i bet his head was really warm in that thing.  Can i borrow that thing bro?  Def bring it to the Posh when (or if) you come.  We would love that thing out there.



Kilo Q

Zartan, Snowman, Vincent, Mayberry, Buschhhh, pope, zoolander, spreadsheets, wham!, Nugget, backdraft, Digorno, GlennRoss, Tron, PK




20 Plank Moguls

20 Cherry Pickers

20 Finkle Swings (first time doing these and i liked it)



Mosey over to SNAKE hill


all listed below done in 1:4 rep ratios up to 5:20

the 1 was completed at the bottom of hill, and the 4 was completed at the top of hill.


All were done in Cadence, no PAX was left behind, we went up and down the hill together.


1 Burpee

4 Groiners


1 Squat

4 Lunge


1 Merkin

4 Plank Moguls


Mosey over to parking lot for a little 15 min. Kiloga session.  The M and I have recently taken up Yoga after the 2.0s go to bed and I thought i would share some of what Ive learned with the PAX at the blender.   I truly hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did, the trance you were in at the end of it says that you all were relaxed and in a state of namaste.



Prayers for;

StarChild Miranda Family

Wedding Singers family


I love all of you and would give you the shirt off of my back.  I was truly humbled by the turn out this morning and I can’t wait to see what happens with this group in the coming weeks.





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