BackBlast Black Ops @theHue

It was a beautiful morning at the “Hue” for the 4 PAX that were bold enough to show up for a Vincent style beat down! Locals Cutlass, PK, Kilo (Tclaps for the promo) and DiGiorno (Tclaps for making the trip) pushed themselves to get better today.

Q had to change some things on the fly this morning. Mother Nature left a heavy layer of frost on the fitness loop so monkey bars and slant boards were deemed unsafe. No worries, improvisation is not a bad thing.

COP warm up – SSH, Grass Grabbers, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps stretch and Imp. Walkers.

Thang 1 – fitness loop circuit. 20 incline Merkins done individually/squats for balance of PAX while they awaited their turn. Followed by 20 decline Merkins/lunges until your turn was up.

Next station – Rings. 10 pull-ups/PAX did LBC’s while waiting.

Station 3 – 20 Merkins in Cadence.

Station 4 – 20 Step UPS. Too slick for Box Jumps. PAX did reverse plank while awaiting their turn.

Station 5 – 20 dips / side planks while waiting.

Last Station – pulled the picnic tables close for 20 Abyss Merkins. Hands and feet on benches, drop as low as you can go. Feel the Burn!

Stations complete, we moseyed to the tennis courts for a 5 count burpee suicide. First court 5 burpees, second 4 burpees and so on.

Circled up for some Mary- Freddy Mercs, Davinci, Gas Pumps.

Repeated the suicide burpees 5 down to 1. Circled up for Jack Webb – Merkins / Air Press through 10-40 and finalized with LBC’s IC.

Name O-Rama, announcements and intentions were followed by a quick prayer of Thanks.

We accomplished a ton this morning. Blessed to be associated with this group!


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