@F3theMutt #extender PreBlast for 2/8/18

2/8 would’ve been my dad’s 70th Birthday…and I plan on celebrating all day starting at 5:30AM with my @f3louisville brothers. Don’t worry – I won’t be doing 70 of everything….or an #octothreat…and I won’t make you carry kegs around a school…well 🤔…and sorry – there’ll be no bluff hikers….BUT I will get you better and I will get you ready for the 2018 Winter Olympics which start later in the day. We will do the 1st quadrennial (I’m not just cute outfits and smiles guys- I gots vocabulary too) F3 Winter Olympics – while my man Diablo is burning down the O with another a PowerPoint presentation on how bills are blocked and backs are scratched🙄

Pre-work – brush up on the rules of curling, the biathlon, alpine skiing, and the skeleton…..oh, and wear Some red white and/or blue or I’ll assume you’re a communist… and I will know you did not read this pre-blast…both make me unhappy.

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