2/15/18 #Mutt #Extender Backblast

Who doesn’t like gambling and baseball?  More importantly who doesn’t love Pete Rose?  Dude should still be in the Hall of Fame!  I digress…….

Scratch and I set out to tackle 2 of our favorite things at a road ball park.  The Mutt welcomed us with a light but enthusiastic crowd (9 total).  The group that showed up this morning was clearly the best of the best!

Co-Q – Scratch & Bean Counter

PAX – Geppetto, Digiorno, Tiger, Old Bay, Quimby, Zoolander, Bumblebee

Weather – dead letter perfect low 60s with a little drizzle and wet conditions.

The morning started with Zoolander squealing his tires on the way in @ 5:30 with the shovel flag out the window.  PAX started with a mosey around the school to the back parking lot.  We circled up:

20 SSH

1 minute of Kendra Newmans – front & back

20 Abe Vigodas

20 SSH

PAX broke off to begin 20 minutes of baseball practice in groups around the bases.

First base – AMRAP burpees

Second base – AMRAP Coupon Thrusters

Third Base – Big Boy Sit-ups

Home Plate – Coupon Curls

One group ran from home plate to the road & back (all ya got) & PAX would rotate one base, etc.  We did this for 20 minutes.

PAX stopped baseball practice & headed over to the Scratch’s Casino.  Scratch welcomed us with a game of Blackjack.  We started with 20 merkins & 1 LBC.  PAX gambled until we flipped the script to 1 merkin & 20 LBCs.  Digiorno seemed to be the only winner at the table!

PAX returned coupons & met back @ the flag.  We prayed for those affected by the Florida tragedy, prayed for those affected by bullying & other meaningful messages.  Thanks to the Mutt for the chance to Q on the road.  We really enjoyed the group!

Bean Counter & Scratch


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