#TheO – BackBlast – 11/21/17 #cantfeelmyarms

Q - Bean Counter PAX (17 total) - Fall Guy (respect), Ex-Lax, Red Roof, WHAM!, Butcher, Scratch, Double Down (respect), Gillispie, Trump!!!, Goodman, Abacus, Little Jerry (respect), Stormtrooper, Vincent (respect), Bartman, and Diablo The PAX settled in on a brisk 35 degree Tues morning.  We scrapped the usual light jog and took the short walkway … Continue reading #TheO – BackBlast – 11/21/17 #cantfeelmyarms

BACKBLAST: 9/14/17 – #F3 Baseball at #TheO @OF3Louisville @f3Louisville

VQ: Bean Counter (@Kevin_Judd) PAX (13 TOTAL including VQ):  Mayberry, Red Roof, Sully, Jordy, Mr. Clean, O.J., Loco, Pope, Trump, Scratch, Splinter (FNG), Seacrest (FNG) After Scratch decided to show today & bring the flag, we all felt like a pretty legit group.  Nice of him to put us on his very busy morning calendar. … Continue reading BACKBLAST: 9/14/17 – #F3 Baseball at #TheO @OF3Louisville @f3Louisville