2/19 @F3villeBlackOps Ruck Backblast @valhkillmer

Q: Captain Insaneo (YHC)

Pax: Vincent (respect), Nugget, Amelia, Old Bay, Mouth (first Ruck), Red Roof, Captain Insaneo

YHC took a few days off for some family time on the slopes. The seven hour drive home had me longing to stretch my legs and carry something heavy on my back besides luggage and my 2.0s. A ruck would do.

I dropped the idea on Slack, and it was on. Well, at least it was going to be Nugget and I, which would be great but super heavy since Val was coming. A few more HCs came in, which would make the heavy carry a little more bearable. And then I saw that Mouth was maybe making his maiden ruck run. Sweet.

Conditions: muggy 56*. Uhhhh, pretty sure it’s February. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 80*. If only there was some scientific answer for these conditions.

Gearlander: Black F3 Shirt (wicking material), F3Louisville Hoorag, coyote challenge pants, swiftwick socks, NB 699v2 trail shoes, steel Rucker with 30lb plate, freshly stuffed 60lb sandbag @valhkillmer.

The Thang. We rucked. We chatted. We dodged some cars. We got to know each other a little better. We passed Val around like we don’t like him.

COR, NOR, COT. Remember boys, you carried 90lbs around for an hour this morning. That’s a full Mary Lou Retton. Think about that when something goes wrong today, because it will. If you can carry Mary Lou around like that, you can deal with TPS reports or whatever else comes your way.

CI out.

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