BackBlast Vincent @ the O # Ruiner!!

I am a little late with this B.B. but 14 HIMs we’re present for Saturday’s beatdown and deserve their due credit. My pre-Blast mentioned that I believe arms and abs are made in the gloom. Saturday’s workout is hard evidence.

PAX present:

Loco, Red Roof, Nugget, Tron, Gillespie, Who Dey, OJ, Slippers, Plethora, Miata (FNG), Wham!, Jordy, Left Eye, Glenn Ross and Vincent (Q).

We moseyed the long way to the coupons where each PAX grabbed 2 for their workout .

Thang 1 started with some grass grabbers, Imp Walkers, Kendra Newman’s and cross arm stretches to get ready for the real deal. The Deal, Abyss Merkins- 10 IC. 21’s Curls – 7 from down position to parallel, 7 from up to parallel followed by 7 full. Major burn! Coupon Derkins IC and Coupon swings to finish the set. If that wasn’t enough, we repeated the cycle.

Thang 2 – we went for a short mosey along the path for a few hundred yards then circled up for some leg work. Starchild jump squats, lunges, 1 legged dead lifts( really tested core strength and balance) finalized with 10 boyos. Cycle was completed 3 times and we completed back at the coupons.

Thang 3 – core and Mary. Flutter kicks, heel grabs, Am Hammers ( for Loco’s 60th post. T claps) and reverse crunches. The cycle was repeated followed by reverse plank Saturday nights and single leg lifts from the same position.

Q had a little music game planned however the cold drained the phone so we had to go to plan B. Mumblechatter suggested plan a would have been better even though they didn’t know plan A.

Final Thang – burpee Webb’s. Full burpees with each containing 1 to 4 count merkin and plank jacks. PAX completed a full cycle going to 10 burpees, the final containing 10 Merkins and 40 plank jacks.

7:59 took us back to the flag for Name o Rama and we coined Miata a member of the PAX.

COT with intentions and prayers finalized the morning. Until next time:


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