FiA is coming…


Alright calling on all PAX for your help.  I’m going to wear you out over the next week with this if not.  But I know we got this.  FiA (Females in Action), the female counterpart to F3, is coming this Saturday 3/10 for their official launch in Louisville.  After seeing all of the positive effects F3 was not only having on me, but the rest you men as well, my M wanted the same thing for the women.  There was something similar, but no AO was even remotely close.  She reached out to FiA.  After several months of logistics and planning, they are finally sending a launch team from Charlotte, NC to get them started here.

Most of you were probably already aware this was in the works, and many of your “M”s have already reached out and shown interest.  Let’s all help get them motivated to have a big turnout and make a great first impression for this initial Q.  They are only days away and need to start getting some HCs so they can plan accordingly.  If your M wants to get better, have her check out the private Facebook group “FiA Louisville KY” for the details and to RSVP.

Finally in a show of support, Digiorno has offered up the Mushroom for their Q school after the initial workout.  Thought maybe it would be nice of us men to set them up with some refreshments.  Maybe some coffee, bagels, fruit kind of things.  I hear some of you pharmaceutical sales guys might have a knack for setting up this kind of thing.  Hopefully they’ll have a better idea on numbers in the next couple of days and we can all throw in a few bucks to help our better halves get even better!

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