Failing at the Rooster

Q: Nugget

Pax: Mad cow
Country boy
Sump pump FNG
Flying pig FNG
Noxeema Jackson
Spinal tap


Preamble: I tested this workout with Red Roof last Saturday at the O Pre workout and it was rough. I’m pretty sure RR was cussing me when Vincent started his Q. Arms and shoulders were spent before we even started.

Well it was my first Q at the Mutt, and to be honest, I don’t know all. Of the names of the areas there. So this will be as descriptive as possible. When I pulled in, there was one car in the lot. But knowing how close the Mutts live, I wasnt worried. Turned around and planted the flag and 5 cars had pulled up. Many of these faces I had never met, and that was the point. Being a visiting Q, I want to bring the O to the guys who haven’t been there yet. Like I said in the preblast, Nugget will bring the beat down to you.

Gear lander: as per my usual, I was ninja’d out in the black tights, black F3 long sleeve, with shorts over the tights. Enough to show, but leaving a little to the imagination.

Gave my disclaimer, identified 2 FNGs and off we were to mosey all the way to the playground, the short way. I don’t like to run and neither does Madcow. Gotta show Respect to the site Q.


Abe vigodas IC

Grass Grabbers IC

Arm circles (Kendra Newman’s)

Squat stretch

The last was because I knew what was coming. Needes to be loose for the Thang

This doesn’t have a name, but it’s a mixture of a Tabata and EMOM. or maybe just a Deteriorating Tabata.

Start off with 1 minute if time, do said exercise to set number of reps per round, losing 5 seconds each round for 10 rounds. This takes you down to 15 seconds for the final round. Sounds fun, right?

The exercises

5 burpees

12 squats w/coupon

10 big boy sit ups, feet in coupons

10 hand release Merkins

If failing to complete a round, there was a consequence

Burpee : get coupons

Squats : flutter kicks coupon press

Big boy sit up : flutter kicks with coupon press

Merkens : run to opposition end of playground and repeato

The Pax did awesome. Probably needed to add another Burpee, and a few more squats to make it more difficult for the Larry Birds (country Boy and Waterboy). Lots of fails, but each Pax got back up and pushed through the next exercise. Hand release Merkens were the most difficult for everyone.

If you completed the rounds, it would have been 50 burpees, 120 squats, 100 big boy sit ups, and 100 hand release Merkens. But either way, you just beat everyone still in the fartsack.


2 FNGs, and 19 Pax in total all Mutts, which is what I wanted. The O got their beat down from Digiorno and I hope they got the same from YHC. My faith in the Pax grows every post. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

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