F3DADS Pre-Blast

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the inaugural F3 Dads Event for F3LOUISVILLE! Here are the details…

  • Be sure to place your T-Shirt Orders NOW! The deadline is 3/14!! Thanks to Zima for taking this task on.
  • Date- 3.24.18
  • Time- 10:00-10:30- Allowing HIMs to hit up their favorite Saturday WO, then go home and grab the 2.0s.
  • Where- 4501 Progress Blvd (Call Star Child if lost- 494-7908)
  • What- Kid-centric activities to show our 2.0s what we have been up to all winter long, and to help them grow to become better, just as we try to do
  • Lunch:
    • Hot Dogs, Brats, Condiments, Plates, and Utensils will be provided. Please bring drinks and a side (chip or whatever). Please don’t bring anything with nuts, as we are not sure who may have allergies. Thanks!

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