Backblast (3/16) North Posh : “The Wall” #glaucandhisghostpartner



3 HIMS Obtained gooder this am @ the wall.

Q: Glauc  PAX: Mr. Hat , Iceman (R)

The big day shouldn’t dissapoint.  I don’t think it did.  Read on.

Mosey down the Louisville Loop Path to lower parking lot (thinking on the path this is about 3/4 miles or so)

COP:   30 second Hamstring stretch.  15 cherry pickers, 25 SSH,  1:4 ratio (Big Boy situps / LBCs) starting at 5:20 – 6:24 – 7:28 – 8:32 – 9:36 – 10:40 .. those get ya burning.

The THANGS (A similar start/routine to my shelbyville q a few weeks ago, but a bet tougher)

“Meet in the Middle” Diamond Rio classic:  Partner 1 and partner 2 about 60 yards away, run to the middle.  10 Boo ya Merkins.  Bernie sanders back.  My partner for this exercise? Mad Cow’s cousin, Mad Pig.

“Believers”  Imagine Dragons:  Same as other… 10 boo ya squats,  basketball shuffle tapping ground back (woof)  Glauc Partner:  Captain Insano’s twin brother, Captain Underpants

“Seven Nation ArmY” White Stripes:  Same as other.. 15 boo ya planks, bernie sanders back.. Glauc Partner:  Starchild’s Brother, Ghostchild

Run over the steps running along road .

I had no Idea how this was going to go..  bear crawl the steps doing a Merkin/carolina dry dock at each step. Woof.  We had to stop a few times.  I would gather about 3,000 steps for about a mile. … In Trump numbers.

Then… Lunge walk down the steps.

I was pretty beat running back to the community garden.. (all uphill) Thankfully we had a few passerby cars to give us a short break.  One slowed down and said “you guys having fun?”   Mr. Hat cooly replied “Does a Bear *#%* in the woods?”  fine words at a fine time..

Just kidding, Mr. Hat did not say that.

COT. uno, dos, tres… intentions for Abacus’s M and my patience with the business. Serenity Prayer.

Glauc OUT!

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