BackBlast 3/29 #extender with @waterboy and a little liquid sunshine!

Damn that was fun! NO fartsacking today in the gloom from the 18 PAX that showed up for the Spring Break Beach Body Beatdown. I gotta admit, with H20 in the forecast…I would’ve fartsacked had I not been the Q but you guys showed me that I shouldn’t. We should support all Q’s when we can…so Gracias!

You can count on me for the typical interval training at my Q’s. Tony Horton Style! The dude knows what he’s doing…what can I say. Bromance I guess…

Went something like this…

PAX: 18

Deuce, Wham-o, Digorno, Steerage, Zoolander, Left Eye, Mad Cow, Geppetto, Zartan, Snowman, Spinal Tap, PED, Vincent, Grinder, Glenn Ross, Airplane, Escort, Waterboy

Warm-up: Mosey around HT to COP

COP: Kendra Newmans, Arm Stretches, Abe Vigoda’s, Hammy stretches, Downward Dog for some calf stretches, quad stretches, Side Straddle hops

Thangs: 4 sets of 4 exercise each. An upper body exercise, cardio, core and explosive move. All exercises were one minute except for cardio

Thang 1: Plank/Spinx/Merkin; Sprint across parking lot and back x 2; LBC’s; Side lunge jumpshot; jog across lot

Thang 2: Elevator Merkins; Sprint across parking lot and back X 1; Crunchy Frog; Mountain Climbers; Jog across lot

Thang 3: Mucho Chesto (5) merkins (5) wide merkins (5) Military merkins (5) Diamond merkins; some sort of soccer scissor across lot and back x 1; Plank compass (90* and 180*); Squat jumps

Thang 4: Squerkin (thought this was gonna be my new nickname) but it’s partner PAX. One in merkin position…one holding the merkin PAX’s ankles. merkin PAX does 5 merkins then partner PAX does 5 squats while holding their partners legs. Good Laugh; Side Stradel Hops; Think Drills; The Super Burpee or as F3 calls it…The Wolverine which is perfect for my UM bball team when they beat Sister Jean’s team….Yes I know…I’m going to hell but GO BLUE!

Couple of Mary’s : LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s, Oblique V-up’s, Downward Dog, Cobra, HALT!

Slow Mosey back to NameOrama

The SIX: Left Eye – met this great dude at HDHH the other day. Dude found F3 on HIS OWN! No HL. Wife said check this out and he came out. Hope you like it brother. It’s good times and good people doing good things and making others better. Glad to have ya!

COT with some announcements and intentions. Most of all, everyone be safe in their travels during SB. Don’t text and drive. NO road rage. We’ll all get there. Be mindful of the road and your precious cargo.

Quote of the day: Falling Down is not a failure. Failure comes when you stay where you have fallen…Socrates.




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