Temple of Gloom LATE Backblast

Q: Nugget

Pax: Seabass, Red Roof, OJ, Gillespie, Newman, Scuba Steve, FloJo, Trump, Whodey, Nugget

Well, it started a lot colder than we expected for an April morning, but we forgot all about that very quickly. Loved seeing Newman even if he was dressed as the complete opposite of Pope. (Coveralls in 30 degrees, come on, man)


15 Abe Vigodas IC

15 IW IC

Kendra Newmans

Slow Squats with 5 sec hold at bottom


The Thang

YHC had so much fun doing the Deteriorating Tabata at the Mutt, I wanted to bring it to the Pax at the O. The basic idea is to fail. I increased some of the reps to guarantee a high fail rate for the whole Pax. We start off with a 1 minute round to do a set number of an exercise. Each following round loses 5 seconds, decreasing rest between rounds. If you make it through 10 rounds, you succeed. Not as easy as it sounds. Upon failure, you have a consequence. In addition, we partnered up and if one partner failed, both failed. And as an added bonus, we had some good old fashioned 80s hits to get us through. Spotify knew how to get us motivated with Hall and Oates and some Christopher Cross.

First exercise: 6 Burpees; consequence : mosey to gather the coupons

We had about a 40 percent failure rate on this one. Those last couple rounds sneak up quick and YHC couldn’t keep up.

Second exercise : 12 Goblet Squats; consequence: coupon press flutter kicks

This started to see some more fails. That burn in the legs began at about round 4 and time was not on our side.

Third exercise: 12 Big Boy sit ups ; consequence: Mario’s up and back across the tennis courts.

100 percent failure rate on this one, and the majority failed with 3 or 4 rounds to go. Big Boys take time and when you break up the reps, you lose that rest. YHC started hearing the grunts.

Final Exercise : 12 Hand release Merkens; consequence: return the coupons

100 percent failure rate here as well. Heard the MC about this being harder than it seems. That first round seems like it takes forever. Had to check my phone to make sure it was still working at the time.

We returned the coupons and headed back for a final minute or so plank, downward dog/cobra circle.


We circled up and o said some words thanking the Pax for their support in my Q. Intentions for Wedding Singers Dad and Abacus wife and family. Thoughts to the Pax that suffered through a week on the beach (may have been some inappropriate words here, Seabass has a potty mouth) Final words and we left to win the day.


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