#TheMutt Blast 04/10/2018

Q – Mouth
PAX – Old Bay, Zartan, Spreadsheet, Moonlight, Tiger, Fridge, Tureen, Buschhhh, Airplane, Geppetto, Waterboy, Duece, Mad Cow, Cowbell (FNG), Noxeema Jackson, Zima, PK, Wham-O, Fergie

I learned a couple of weeks ago that the M started a workout program that cost $199. I needed to learn more about the program so she asked me to join her one Saturday morning. This is where I learned the SUMO SQUAT JUMPS. The women on the video made it look easy. The directions were simple, squat down to the floor so that your butt almost touches and jump up into the air. She said do as many as you can in one minute. I lasted 30 seconds, that’s what she said, and I was done. The PAX would soon learn about this exercise as I need to start earning some of the $199 back.

I announced that I was not a professional and that today we would end early, 6:13am, as I had to get back so my M could go out of town for work.

Mosey around school for a quick warmup.

20 SSH, 15 cherry pickers, 10 merkins, arm stretching, and then 1 minute of SUMO SQUAT JUMPS. The PAX made it for 30 seconds and we stopped to take a break. Then 20 on your own.

After the warmup we counted off 1, 2, 3 opps Moonlight did not follow directions. Once we figured out the 1, 2 count it was lineup time for a short Native American run down Leland, left on St. Matthews, left on Brookfield.

The 2’s went to grab coupons and we partnered up for a 100 curls, 200 chest, 300 shoulder presses, 400 squats all while your partner ran to the middle of the parking lot to do 3 SUMO SQUAT JUMPS. In my sleep this seemed manageable but halfway through the PAX fired up some mubblechatter so and I reduced the shoulder presses to 150 and squats to 200. DO NOT tell CI.

Once complete it was lineup time. One PAX called out an exercise for the group to do while he ran to the middle of the parking lot carrying a coupon. We made it through 10 PAX’s until I had to call it because my M was going out of town and she doesn’t like to leave the kids home alone.

We circled up, counted off, welcomed a new FNG, @OldBay thanked the sky Q on the fly for me (he is much better at this than I am and he has done it for all my Q’s), and we left to take on another day.

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