Preblast 4/11/18 Veterans Park #Blackops #Geppetto100

geppetto cake

According to Trons magical syphering machine, I will be making my 100th post tomorrow.  What better way to celebrate than Q-ing at Veterans Park in J-town.  I’ll be leaving the comfy confines of my home AO of the Mutt and returning to my roots where I was raised and spent the first 20 years of my life.  Spent a lot of time at that park when I was just a wee Pinocchio.  A lot has changed out there since then, just like a lot has changed since I made my first post way back in July 2017 at the O.  Here are just a few:

I have learned a new language that I now speak more than the Queen’s English.  ie “I can’t fartsack tomorrow, I know Zoo will have the pax doing monkeyhumpers in the gloom, and maybe we’ll be on our six with coupons doing LBCs. Better get up early enough to hit the head so I don’t have to Elvis”

I look forward to the alarm going off at 4:50am (most of the time)

I’ve had to invest in smaller belts and britches (free workout my ass)

Could only do like 10 pushups back in July…now I can do a shit ton of merkins…(show up tomorrow and I’ll prove it)





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