4/13 Black Ops Big 4 Bridge Back Blast #Fridaythe13th

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking, we haven’t had a Black Ops down at the Big 4 Bridge in a while so I threw it on the calendar.  It’s really a cool place to workout aside from the evening shootings and such.  After seeing that on the news, I was like if anyone is going to be doing some murdering down here, it better be OJ.  However, no chance of danger at 5:30 in the AMs so all good.  Plus I wanted to see the ferris wheel up close.

Q – OJ

PAX: Shembechler, Red Roof, Tron, Nugget, Wham!

Conditions: 68 degrees, 20+ mph winds (nice)

We moseyed up to the circle area where the bridge starts for COP

20 Grass Grabbers IC

20 SSHs IC

20 Hillbillies IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC (fist bump Roof)

13 Groiners IC

13 Merkins IC

Next we took a Native American run across the bridge to the end of the other side, PAX in rear would do 2 burpees and sprint to the front.  With only 6 HIMs each of us did this a few times.

Thang 1 – Partner Up/Switch Up

P1: Would run to where the ramp snakes to the right on the Jeff side (maybe 100 yards or so) 13 Merkins and runs back

P2: Bobby Hurleys AMRAP

P1: Runs to the same spot for 13 Mountain Climbers, runs back

P2: Holds Plank

P1: Runs to the same spot for 13 Burpees, runs back

P2: Squats AMRAP

Thang 2

Heading back across the bridge, we’d stop at each set of benches to repeat the three exercises below

13 Derkins

13 Incline Merkins

13 Box Jumps

**When thinking of this I had NOOOOOOO idea how many benches there were, needless to say we did maybe each of the three sets 5+ times?  I mean these benches are only like 20 yards apart.

We made it back to the Circled area at the top for some Mary

13 Davinci’s IC

13 Rosalitas IC

13 Box Cutters IC

13 Pretzel Crunches (repeated this for each leg, 26 total) IC

13 Dying Cockroaches IC

13 American Hammers IC

13 Gas Pumps IC

13 Plank Moguls IC

13 Plank Jacks IC

Finished up back at the Flag for a brief COR/NOR

Was glad to have DR Shembechler with us again today.  Good dude.  You never know how many you’ll get when you sign up to Q, much less a Black Ops.  Thankful for the 5 that came out today to all get better together.  It’s crazy how much I look forward to getting up every morning at 4:45 to go workout.  That seems weird but I’m sure many of you feel the same.  This group is something special.


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