4/14/2018 Bayside BackBlast

3720B502-0E9A-4F60-B56B-936FE0E8B34AConditions: Partly cloudy, 70

Gear: ABC sleeveless t, Walmart USA swim trunks

Pax (7): Granpa Bear, Glauc, T18, Mr Hat, Shuttlecock (Respect), Banana Bread, Glen Ross (Q)

I’ve been trying to headlock a friend at work who lives in Simpsonville and Glauc asked me several weeks ago if I would like to come out and Q.  Absolutely- love what Glauc is doing out here at Bayside and they have a great group of HIMs.  My HL didn’t show, weather was his excuse last month, today it was too early.  I’ll keep working on him and hope he can get out and join these guys.

Also, planned on doing some site recon early in the week but it just didn’t happen.  So my very first Naked Q, but as I was telling Old Bay- I’ve onlt been to 100 of these, I should be able to figure something out.  So with the early start time- these guys get at it @6am on Saturdays I had to leave a bit earlier.  Also had time to stop and take some pics of the road trip


This section is for visiting Q’s.  Honestly it’s not that far away and super easy to get to.  If I can do it, any of you guys can do it.

Also, just a note for traveling Q’s this AC42E0E2-07D3-4C54-8AF9-343A40BE7769

Pilot is the last place to stop for shit break, but facilities are clean and it’s open 24 hours.

Pulled up to Collins high and serious thought it was Bayside.  This school, the grounds- everything is super impressive. Nothing like the dungeon like schools in Jefferson Co.

With about 5 minutes to go, drove around looking for some things to do, but just decided to keep it simple today.  Took some advice from Zartan on this back in Feb and the last few Q’s have run much bettter.  Again, I’m slow learning and it only took 100 or so of these for me to figure that one out.

Unloaded some coupons from the Tahoe, met up with Glauc, called the disclaimer and we got started.

Circled up for quick warmup- mostly stretching then off for quick prisoner run/ mosey around the parking lot.  Stopping 4 times to do 10 single count prisoner jump squats.

Next, circle back up for merkin time bomb- yes Mad Cow, all using the correct form.  Followed this up with some Ace and Gary’s- it was Zoos birthday.  It got a little weird here- some comments “my head goes where” I said, “close your eyes if you have to”.  At this time I believe the county sheriff drove by.  Nothing to see here.  Just 7 guys knocking out some A & G’s in a high school parking lot at 6am!  Zoo will need to come out sometime and give the full program

Moved on to coupon work.  I’ve used this the past 2 Q’s and it’s a good workout- so decided to use here too.

With partners/ 200 curls/ 10 squats.  Partners do curls while other partner runs 20 yards, does 10 squats relieves partner doing curls.  After we finish this we do 200 coupon bench press/ 10 lunges

when finished we did another set- lowering the amount down to 150 for Curls and another 150 for bench press.

running short on time, we put up the coupons, found nice grassy area for Mary.

20 LBCs (iC)/ 20 gas pumps (ic)/ 20 American hammers (ic)/ 20 Freddie Mercs (ic).  We did 2 sets.  But the group wanted some EC.  So we did one more set but lowered the amounts to 15.


name of Rama- and I had to hear how Banana Bread got his name.  Honestly was expecting more to the story, but great name.  Announcement/ Intentions: encouraged the Bayside HIMs to get on slack and twitter- stay active and try and visit another AO this month (we have restrooms at the Mutt and the O).  Also mentioned convergence next week- Bayside will have a big showing and look forward to seeing the guys again next week.  Intentions for Abacus- his M and his entire family.  Those that are sick, prayers for kids battling cancer and a moment for silent intentions.  Ended with prayer of thanks.  Enjoyed my Q at Bayside today – I’ll be back and off to catch the last half of Zoo’s bday Q


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