The Carpenter PB 4.24.18

Hi. It’s my carpenter VQ. Im excited. I promise to write a B.B. I also promise you won’t be doing any of my yard work or running any errands. But you might run. I also probably should promise you that it’ll rain. Maybe purple rain. Maybe not. But since it’ll be wet – we will definitely wanna see about naming that hill. And you can’t really name something unless you touch it, smell it, or burpee on it. That’s common sense.

So….wear your back up shoes, or your good shoes that can be washed, or wear your SpotBilts for traction and your bike shorts for….for….for……why did anyone ever wear these? My old cross country coach would shove his clipboard down the back…..but Hmm.

Anyway–Just look good. Cuz after the gloom – you’re gonna feel good.

look good- feel good-

feel good – do good.

Let’s stop standing around here talking about doing gooder. Let’s actually do some gooder!



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