Convergence #BackBlast 4/21/18 – One Year Anniversary

Qs:    Red Roof, OJ, Glauc, Nugget, Vincent, Kilo, Diablo

PAX:  (~ 86) Bob Ross; Digiorno; Kilo; Gypsy; Zima; Glenn Ross; Cutlass; Aerobie; Wham!; Iceman; Fridge; Jitterbug; Pope; Busch; Airplane; Little Jerry; Spreadsheet; Jayhawk (FNG); Snowman; Spreadsheet; Tureen; Little Smoky; Nickleback; Flounder; Ratchet; Big Bird; Cochran; Mayberry; PewPew; Seabass; Vincent; Grandpa Bear; Cardinal; Skid; Forced Close; Banana Bread; Tiger; Abacus; Jordy; PED; Miyagi; Co-Pay (FNG); Starchild; Who Dey; Scuba Steve; Geppeto; Moonlight; Nino; Methane; Quimby; Backdraft; Noxeema Jackson; OJ; Gravedigger; Zartan; Sump Pump; PeekABoo; Rhythm; Shiplap; Flo Jo; Loco; Double Down; Huggies; Gillispie; Face; Six Pack; Shuttlecock; T18; Spokie Dokes; Battier; Boozer; PK; McAfee; Bad News; Rozay (FNG); Cowbell; Mittens; Glauc; Slippers; Broke Back; Nugget; Tron; Taco; Fergie; Red Roof; Diablo


On April 21, 2018, we celebrated the One Year Anniversary of F3 Louisville with a Convergence. According to our records – I have no idea how Tron, et al. keep track of these things by the way – we’ve had 352 PAX post at 523 workouts during the last year.  For something that didn’t exist here one year ago, that’s insane.  It’s like Captain Insane-o wearing a large standard fit T for comfort, or Starchild telling you about his favorite Rose Bowl memory.

I’ve identified above herein 86 PAX of whom I have record of attending. That number didn’t make complete sense, as we had 88 during the initial count-o-rama. Counting has never been our strong suit, so I thought about letting it go and feeling like Will Hunting using the (~) sign in identifying the PAX. But, my man OJ informed me that the two missing from my count were 2.0s that didn’t quite make it through his half-pipe journey. (They were studs in the making for even trying by the way. I, too, have thought about tapping out during an OJ session.)

I don’t know how else to say it: I was humbled beyond all belief to have a role in planning the Anniversary Convergence.  Through F3, I have met, and continue to meet, some of the best men I’ve ever known. F3 is important to me.  I’ll always remember Captain Insane-o’s quote – it went viral FYI, he may have mentioned it – that F3 was something he didn’t know he needed.  I didn’t know F3 was the solution, but it has filled a void in my life and I am grateful.

Any time I Q, I have a sense of responsibility to everyone there. That feeling was amped up to 11 Saturday morning. I wanted it to be fun, but challenging; respectful of the event, but full of nonsense; and, most of all, I wanted all to walk away tired, beaten, and itching to come back for more.

Of course, we achieve very little in this life without the help of others. Here, Kilo, Nugget, OJ, Glauc, and Vincent were instrumental in making the Convergence a success.  (I also borrowed (stole) previous ideas from Captain Insane-o, Zartan, and Starchild.)  I purposefully hand-picked these HIMs to plan the workouts. These HIMs don’t mess around, but all have their own styles and strengths, and these attributes were on fully display Saturday.

Without further ado, here’s what we did, and what happened:

The Ruck

At 0530, Kilo led 16 fellow HIMs on a ruck through Seneca Park.  In what was an initial surprise to YHC, rucking has become an important part of the F3 Louisville brotherhood.  But, it makes sense.  It’s challenging and a great way to add some good cardio work to what we do. More importantly, and I respectfully suggest the reason it is what it is to us, is that is provides ample 2F opportunities, and allows us gear-heads to collect, buy, trade, and ogle at, a ridiculous amount of toys.  Accordingly, our convergence needed a ruck.  And, who better to lead that ruck than our man Kilo, a HIM in every sense of the word.

PAX Rucking: Kilo; Red Roof; Zartan; Abacus; Snow Man; Glauc; Mayberry; Airplane; Wham!; Skid; PK; OJ; Face; Nino; McAfee; Gypsy; Tron

These HIMs covered just under 5 miles in 75 minutes. Here’s what they did:


As I told Kilo, these paths always end up looking funny to me and make me giggle.

All PAX arrived back to basketball courts at 0645, right on time. Again, Kilo knows what he is doing.

(I didn’t get a pic of the ruck, but here is our Kilo.  His name is on his shirt in case you didn’t know.  And, this pic contains no edits. No brightening needed.  I did think about trying to lengthen his shorts a little, but decided against it.)

I also can’t forget to point out how glorious our flags looked in the Gloom Saturday morning. This was the backdrop for the PAX upon their arrival:


YHC lit up like Zoolander at a custom shirt fitting when the PAX started arriving in such large numbers. Interestingly, YHC was also a little surprised to realize how many PAX he had not met, or had not seen outside the dark of the gloom.  I loved it; tells me there are many more HIMs out there I can get to know better over the next year.

YHC gave a brief explanation of what was in store for the PAX, and introduced our Nantan, our cultural leader, and our chief influencer, Red Roof. Without this HIM’s foresight and perseverance, F3 Louisville would not be. He keeps us all in check, especially those like YHC who need guardrails sometimes, and we all look up to him.

Thanks to modern drone technology, here is a classic shot of what this circle looked like:

Red Roof took over and led PAX through a classic COP warm-up:

SHHs – 20 IC
Imperial Walkers – 20 IC
LBCs – 20 IC
Merkins – 20 IC

We then broke into 4 groups. Again, counting – it’s so hard to do. “1, 2, 4, no, you’re 5, what?, 3, 4, no I think it’s got to be your goat, if it’s my goat it’s legal, right, 1, 2 ….” Thus, the groups were far from equal numbers, but no one cared.

PAX, in varied number groups, then followed Nugget, Glauc, Vincent, and OJ through various locations of The O for one grandiose and well orchestrated beatdown. PAX had to complete a rotation through all 4 Qs to complete the workout.

Nugget’s Coupon Field 

Nugget loves his 2.0, Seabass.  It’s an awesome relationship to see.  But, Nugget also loves coupons.  Sometimes it’s awesome to see in person, and sometimes you just want the coupons to go away even it you, too, have fond feelings for them.

Nugget led PAX through a TABATA circuit that included thrusters and then coupon swings. That’s 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off, for approximately 8 minutes.  Good grief. (He didn’t take a break mind you.)

(Nugget, with a beloved coupon, doing work.  Cutlass looking confused.  Zartan hopefully in mid-something or another. Boozer thinking this is crazy.  Kilo looking like a glow stick wearing panties.)

(Abacus showing all how it’s done, and either wearing a Go Pro or finally revealing that he’s part machine.)

(Backdraft, Pope, and PAX getting it done.)

The Nicest Tennis Court Beatdown You’ll Ever See

After a group left Nugget’s coupon field, they headed straight to the tennis courts to see what Glauc had in mind for them.  It was priceless.  It was everything you’d think to see in a Glauc Q: organized, polite, quality tunes, and lots of hard work.  And, in true Glauc-style, I had no idea where he was during any of it. Just out there leading by example, keeping the PAX moving, and making everyone better.

Glauc had PAX play “meet in the middle.” So nice. YHC may have called it “that thing we did one time where you run back to this line, the one in between all the others.”

Glauc had all PAX partner up with someone he did not know.  Partner 1 and 2 started at opposite ends of the 5 tennis courts.  Run to the middle for 10 boo ya merkins with partner.  Bernie Sanders back.  Do a burpee and repeat through entire 4 minute song.  At end of song one, PAX found new partners.  Same start, with a run to the middle.  But, now it was 10 boo ya squats with partner, with basketball slide on the way back for 4 jump lunges.  Again, repeat through entire song.

Tunes incorporated by Glauc: “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes; “Believer” by Imagine Dragons; and, “Best of You” by Foo Fighters.

(This pic is a personal favorite of mine.  I’ve known Boozer since the 8th grade in Franklin, KY.  One of the best guys I know.  I’ve known Zartan since June 2017.  One of the best guys I know.  They are now getting better together.  What a world.)

Vincent & Mary

After being run ragged on the tennis courts, a group of PAX would then be sent to Vincent.  Vincent & Mary – is there a cuter couple in all of F3 Louisville?  I know, I know, Scratch and Bean Counter have their moments, and Captain Insane-o and Face sharing clothing after car pooling together is adorable, and Butcher seems to have an entire posse following him around, but come on.  Vincent hearts Mary. I asked Vincent what he had PAX do.  His answer: “Mary, Mary, and Mary!!”  Yes it was. Approximately 8 minutes of solid work for the quad and the quad area.

(Vincent leading Mary. Those look like toe touches. I don’t know. I didn’t do them.  I thought it a good time to take a picture.)

(Iceman showing good form here.)

You Want, No You Need, OJ On That Hill

The half-pipe at The O is one of the gems of F3 Louisville AOs. It gets little love or use in the winter because of the weather.  It’s gnarly enough without being frozen or muddy.  With the weather starting to turn it around, I wanted it in use at the Convergence.  No one disagreed, but we had to figure out who was going to tackle it with the PAX.  That’s where OJ comes in.  This HIM never stops, and is always a good one to push the PAX.  If he’s had an off day, I haven’t seen it.  (He’s seen mine.)

OJ had PAX partner up with someone from another AO.  P1 ran to the other end of the half-pipe for 10 merkins, and then ran back.  P2 held plank during P1’s run.  They then switched.  After that round, P1 ran to the other side for 5 burpees, and then ran back. P2 held plank.  They then switched again.  What’s that some of you say – woof.

(My man OJ directing traffic. This HIM could have planked or taken a break during this nonsense.  Nope.  He ran that half-pipe 8 times.  8 times.)

(No one seems to be taking it easy here. And, man, isn’t that half-pipe sweet!)

One Last Thing

After PAX completed the Nugget, Glauc, Vincent, OJ “circuits,” right on time mind you, YHC had the PAX circle up for Jack Webbs.  That’s 1 merkin, then 4 air presses; 2 merkins, then 8 air presses; etc., until PAX reached 10 merkins and 40 air presses.  All PAX were sufficiently spent at this point.

Iron Horse Challenge

As the PAX circled up after YHC’s Jack Webb nonsense, Red Roof awarded patches to those who completed the Iron Horse challenge.  Criteria was simple, but challenging, especially considering the recent weather conditions: F1 – 40 posts (w/ at least 3 Qs); F2 – 3 events; F3 – 2 events. The following PAX were recognized and awarded a patch: Abacus; Captain Insane-o; Diablo; Digiorno; Double Down; Gepetto; Gillispie; Glauc; Glen Ross; Kilo; Little Jerry; Methane; OJ; Old Bay; PK; Red Roof; Starchild; Vincent; Zartan; Zoolander; and “Godfathers” Grapevine; Frosty; and, Senor Chips.

T claps to Glen Ross and Zartan for posting 65 times.  Did they master the two places at once thing we’ve all tried to do?  (Captain Insane-o and Wham! also cleared the 60 mark.)

T claps to Kilo for Q’ing 17 times.  You think this HIM is all in?

T claps to Zartan and Methane for recording 10 2F events.  Who kept track of this stuff?  Regardless, anything we do is more fun when these 2 HIMs are around, so this makes sense.

T claps to Captain Insane-o for the most impressive overall stat line (it’s sometimes a surprise when CI is NOT some place during a post) and for starting a new AO in the process. (Did we not keep track of Twitter battles? Maybe next time we go full sabremetrics and get some advanced stats calculated.)


Red Roof gathered the PAX for COT.  We welcomed and named three FNGs: Jayhawk, Rozay, and Co Pay.  (Co Pay is 65 (double respect) and his first post was what was described herein.  That’s incredible. His name is awesome, too.  Ask him and/or his 2.0 Miyagi when you see them next!)

Red Roof thanked the Sky Q for the men gathered around, gave thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon us, and asked the go forth and be the men we all strive to be for those around us and in our community.


Thanks to Nugget and many others, we had Panera coffee and many snacks and refreshments, including YHC’s favorite – chocolate milk.  Tru Moo even, the good stuff.  So spoiled.  Many stuck around and enjoyed some solid 2F conversations.  A few of us quietly agreed we were glad we ran out of time for Glen Ross’s AO challenges, though I’d pay an entry fee to watch Cutlass v. Kilo in a bear crawl race, and/or a Pope v. McAfee burpee challenge.  Another day I’m sure.

Oh, that’s right, the Mayor stopped by for a visit.  Red Roof got the Mayor up to speed on F3, discussed what it is we do, and showed him the 100 pair of shoes collected at the Convergence for children in Jefferson County.

Here’s the Mayor with Red Roof.

The Mayor even posed with the PAX

In Conclusion 

I hope all who attended thought the 1 Year Anniversary Convergence a success.  I certainly enjoyed it.

This is already long, and I accidentally deleted my first draft of this thing at approximately 9:07 this morning, which was much longer, so I’ll just state what I’ve said previously: I am thankful for all of you, and humbled to be a part of THIS.  I am excited to see what the next year has in store for F3 Louisville.


3 thoughts on “Convergence #BackBlast 4/21/18 – One Year Anniversary

  1. I always like your BB’s. This one almost made me cry…ok I cried. Looking forward to many more of these incredible events. Aye!


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