4/27 Norton Commons Black Ops BackBlast

Today was my first solo Q.  I was so excited last night that I was up at 3:00 am.  I think I went back to sleep but maybe not.  Regardless as I jumped out of bed at 5 I could feel my adrenaline pumping aka Q Juice I keep hearing about.  Since I live about 6 house from the Norton Commons meet up location I typically run to the morning session, but today was different.  I had 10 coupons loaded in the back of my car ready for delivery.  Just one thing, I couldn’t find my car key… (Which I never misplace) I started running around the house trying to find my key, looking through my wife’s multiple purses… Why does she have so many sitting out!?  Luckily I found the spare key and I was off to set up.  But it’s 5:26 am.  So I park the car where we are going to work out and I sprinted to the meet up. Arrive at 5:29 am half out of breath but ready for a work out.


Disclaimer was spoken and we started off with an Indian Run over to the JCPS Soccer field to change up the work out location.  I was hoping to have the coupons already set up but because of my key hiccup I luckily had (9) #HIM’s to assist.  Once coupons on the field we gathered for COP:


–            Downward dog with left and right leg stretch

–            Grass Grabbers (10) IC

–            Abe Vigoda Forward/Back

–            (3) Count Merkins (10) IC

–            Imperial Walkers (10) IC

The Thang 1 – at new soccer field

I had every one count off 1-2 but should have just said pair up… But we managed to work everything out.  We started 30 yards away from the swing set with the coupons.

P1 run and do 5 Pull Up’s, modify with (8) Spider Man P2: work together to accomplish:

–            100 Coupon Shoulder Press

–            200 Coupon Curls

–            300 Coupon Squat

–            400 Coupon Press

The Thang 2

Bear Craw Half Soccer Field, lunge second half, sprint back.  Repeated a second time and we ran over to the usual soccer field for some Mary

–          20 Big Boy Sit Up’s

–            20 American Hammers

–            20 Rosalitas

–            20 LBCs

–            15 LBFC’s

On our way back to the flag (light pole) Glenn Ross snapped a photo and apparently caught a UFO while at it (see PaxPix).  Photo will be featured in the National Enquire next week.

Announcements:  Check slack and get out this weekend to support the other sites while they might be a little light with others heading to Toledo.  Intentions were given, prayers were had and everyone headed off to be a better person today.

Thanks for allowing me to Q today.


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