5/2/2018 Blender BackBlast

Co- Q’s Spreadsheet and Glen Ross

Pax: 13 PK, Old Bay, Grinder, Backdraft, Buschhhhh, Quimby, Left Eye, Cowbell, Vincent (Respect), Snowman, OJ, Spreadsheet, Glen Ross

Conditions:  nothing gloomy about it- 65, partly cloudy

On Tuesday morning with no Q lined up for the Blender the next day, Spreadsheet stepped up and offered to Q.  I told him I would go half with him and together we got to work.  After hours of crunching the numbers- this is what the weinke looked like on Wednesday


Also, before there was a blender, me and spreadsheet would ride bikes through Indian Hills and Windy Hills on Wednesday mornings- it was fun to partner back up.

Disclaimer and off to COT

Curly Stretch


Abe Vigoda 15 IC


Grass Grabbers 15IC


Next, Indian Run up Leland, down St Matthews Ave and then back down Brookfield to school parking lot for BLIMPS

After each exercise run to portico for 10 SSH, then run back to next exercise, plank when finished.  2 Rounds

Round 1

Burpees  x 5, Lunges x 10, Imperial Walkers x 15, Merkins x 20, Plank Jack x 25, Squats x 30

Round 2

Burpees 5, Lunges 5, Imp. Walkers 5, Merkins 5, Plank Jacks 5, Squats 5

Next Spreadsheet passes off to me.  I wanted to do some coupon work so we headed over to coupon alley.  Decided to call an audible and try something new.

7 minute Plank Challenge:

I saw this online earlier this week and wasn’t sure if it would be worth trying or not.  What the heck, let’s give it a shot.

Elbow plank the entire time- with the following intervals: 60 seconds, then 15 second break, 90 seconds, then 15 second break, 120 seconds then 15 second break, 90 seconds then 15 second break and end with another 60 seconds.  This was a pretty good workout and a good way to burn 10 minutes of solid ab work in the gloom.  Check out the video- google 7 minute ab challenge and try for yourself.

Next circle up for Mary

20 LBCs IC, 20 Freddie Mercs IC, 20 Bas Pumps IC, 20 American Hammers IC

with a minute left, Quimby wanted us to spell out Mayor Quimby and with that we called it a day.


Announcements: last week I put a teaser about some exciting news coming to the Blender and only the Blender.  Well, after putting it out in the pre-blast the day before it nearly broke Slack- what was news Glen Ross?  As I told the guys yesterday, with workouts now available 7 days a week (seriously this is crazy- 7 days a week, used to be just 3!), what could I do to make the Blender a bit different from the others.  So effective next week, the Blender will now offer free notary services following the workout.  Must be present for Blender workout to qualify.  We’ll see if this can boost summertime attendance.


Intentions:  Prayers for Carolyn and her family, prayers for OJ- going under the knife (how ironic), and for all of the HIMs

Closing prayer for all the Pax and for those intentions said and those unsaid.

Really enjoyed co- Q’ing with Spreadsheet



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