BB: 05/07. The Incubator. Even reading this will make you sweat. #noshouldertapping


In designing this workout, I was not thinking ” thing will be a good sweaty beatdown.”  It was.  We also did quite a bit more running than anticipated.. and we incorporated some solid core work as well. It wasn’t until the end that I realized how sweaty the HIMS were. Iceman was melted, Catfish was swimming, grave digger was floating.. I had a good pink face going on.

Glauc Q  PAX: Peach, Catfish, Scratch N Dent, Little Jerry (R) , Retainer, Uncle rico, Methane, Jitterbug(R), Iceman (R) , Gypsy, Double Down (R), Ashley, Huggies, Dynomyte! Nino, Grave Digger, Mr. Hat.

COP: Mosey to side parking lot,  5 BOYOS, 25 SSH (IC), Hamstring Hold (40 sec hold), plank stretching .

“Soul on Fire”  SSH the entire song, Burpee on “soul on fire”  – a staple warmup

Run to the Honeyhole (more than a mosey)

Partner UP :  Each group get on smaller (7 – 10lb) rock and one heavier (15-22lb) rock

Thang 1

P1: 15 merkin rows (with rock) Right arm,  15 Merkin rows left arm,  15 sliders (a new exercise I just made up)  With the smaller rock, stay in high plank and “slide” rock on ground to other hand (going back and forth)  I like it..  Grab Big Rock 15 weighted squats. Rinse and repeat until partner returns

P2: Run over bridge and back (about a 3 minute treck)  A little longer than I thought

Switch with Partner

Repeat the above (did 2 total sets of above)

Thang 2

P1: 15 side plank hold with arm raises – right side  (while holding smaller rock – at finish your arm should be parallel with your body and arm is  fully extended)  .  15 side plank hold with arm raises – left side.  15 merkins.  rinse and reapeat

P2: run over the bridge and back

run back to Flag

“Ring of Fire” Johnny Cash song.  LBC the entire song on ever “fire” do a big boy

“Sorry Not Sorry”  Elbow plank the entire song. on chorus move to high plank and do one merkin on every “sorry” .  Sorry, not sorry.

In thinking about this, I think the PAX ran about 2 miles and at a pretty good pace.  We all had sweat drenching from us.

Props to the “semi newbies” that came out today.   Catfish, Peach, Ashley, Scratch N Dent, Retainer.  Great to have you guys out.

COT, intentions, prayer and Glauc OUT!

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