@F3Carpenter B.B. 5.15.18 @F3Louisville—- Off Roadin’ Edition!

Wanna hear a joke? Ok. Good.

What’s the difference between a 4×4 off road MOAB Jeep, and a standard issue company car?

A standard issue Nissan Altima company car can go anywhere!!🤪

So, I take my Q’s seriously. If guys wake up before 5am to follow me and my Weinke – then I’m gonna be prepared. Especially if it’s my first time Qing at a new AO where the site Q is kind of a smedium deal at F3Louisville. So I went out to JC after dropping off the 2.0 at soccer and did some recon. Here’s what I learned:

1. Cobra Kai has recently moved their dojo to the Carpenter coupon storage shed. And they’ve been doing work. Scratch the coupon work✅

2. They don’t like to mow the grass. Something about a “managed meadow” which is code for “the metro parks are on a tight budget, and we ain’t cutting the grass” I like meadows. I was hoping the PAX would too. ✅

3. There are 3 giant chairs in front of the main office. No photo, but think of an amusement park where 2 adults can comfortably jump up, sit, and have their feet 3 feet off the ground. Yeah. You’re thinking what I was thinking. Ace and Gary!

Back to the joke. I left my house at 5:07. Arrived at the Carpenter-ish at 5:20. Oops. I missed my turn. No problem. I’ll just loop around this annoying little round a bout thingy. Wait. Did I miss it again? Dang it. I can see the PAX from the road. How do I get there? Ahh. Here’s the parking lot. Wait. Nope. Dead end…..But they’re right there! 100 yards away! It’s 5:26😬. Hmmm. I……..think……….I’ve……….got……..a………plan. Drive the company car through the field, through those 2 trees that look wide-ish enough, and I should be there. Boom. Hopped through the trees next to the fenced cemetery, and I was there. Mission accomplished! Little did the PAX know—that that stunt was planned to simulate the off-roading that we were about to do…..


Red Roof

Star Child


Wait…..do I basically have the 3 OG founding fathers (2tanked) at my Q? Q juice rises.


Nickel back



Marbles (FNG)





These above dudes also got the juices flowing. New faces, and old faces. All good faces. Except Face. He wasn’t there.

QIC Zoolander

⚠️ given to Marbles. Told him to modify if any of my fancy exercises were too tough for him. He said he’d done 3 iron man’s. Alrighty then. You should be good. Let’s mosey.


SSH 0/none/nada. It’s possible.

Mountain climbers 16 IC

Plank calf stretches

Plank jacks 16 IC

KNewmans and Digiorno arm stretches.

Enough of this. Let’s mosey to the MMA. (Managed Meadow Abyss). Well lookey there. We named a hill.

I rarely wear a headlamp. And it shows. I think Nickelback’s pupils are still dilated. Sorry bro. But I came prepared. The pax lined up staring down into the abyss. I instructed the pax to jog down the Managed Meadow to the bottom and sprint to the top. Plank for the six…Then we did 20 Merkens IC. Jog back down into the abyss… My trusty headlamp looking for uneven ground… thankfully it was pretty good footing. Jog to the bottom of the abyss and sprint back to the top. Walk a few feet down to the fence and give me 20 Derkin’s. Don’t get your toes or shoelaces caught in the pointy things. Things are starting to get kind of real… Marbles looks fine. Was that a yawn? Dang. Ok. Line back up and jog back down MMA… Bear crawl halfway up the hill… And then crawl bear (backwards bear crawl) up the rest. Woof. 15 squats and 5 Bobby Hurley’s. Jog Back down MMA… And AYG up the hill. OK. We’re spent. And kind of itchy.

Glad that’s over. We checked each other for Ticks, and moved on.

Mosey around the bend and up a hill to the main building. Time to break some records. Anyone catch that Aussie mum who “claimed” to break the burpee record? If you’re on twitter you saw it.

People (including YHC) wondered how this flying squirrel motion was deemed a Burpee? Not only was there no CLAP…..but There was no vertical anything. She did 25 of these every minute for 60 minutes. Sounds easy enough. We will just do this wimpy little exercise for two minutes and see how many we do. We will then multiply by 30minutes (we would’ve done a full 60 minutes….but time constraints got us) and Congratulate our new world record holders at F3 Carpenter…………we did these Australian Burpee’s for about a minute and a half until we all collapsed and moaned. Even Marbles. Maybe Marble was faking it. If so- thanks. OK. Aussie mum’s a bad ass. Let’s MoveOn.

Walk 30 feet down the incline. Elbow plank looking up the slight hill. I asked the pax to sneeze 30 times IC. Only Nickelback said Aye. Off he went. Dilated pupils and 30 sneezes IC. WOOF. After that, we elbow planked and then moved our elbows forward when I counted one… Further forward when I counted two… And when I counted three… We moved our elbows forward for full extension planking. Hold for five-ish seconds, and bring your feet up for downward dog. Reset your elbow plank… Rinse and repeat it. This one got the pax. We held that last fully extended elbow plank for as long as we could… I wont say how long that was.

Next. Ace and Gary’s. Mosey To the big chairs. Two pax jump up onto the big chairs and follow my directions. Put your feet against the back of the chair, lay on your back and position your waist until it is uncomfortable, and you feel like you will fall off. Have your buddy grab your ankles and encourage you while you attempt to get past parallel to do some big big big boy sit up’s. Sorry Marbles. Should’ve had SC warn ya. Rotate, rinse, and repeat. Gosh. This AO has everything. Good stuff.

We ended a little early – so time for some Mary.

A-Rod pickle pounder’s with the slow fiiiiiiiive

Catalina wine makers

Bear crawl up… Crawl bear back across the lawn that was actually mowed.

Crab crawl up… And crawl crab back across the same parcel of land.

And even though those Australian Burpee’s are pretty tough… I could not let the Carpenter pax leave without doing 10 proper Burpee’s with a merkin, and with a clap.

Then we divided into three groups. Fast, faster, and fastest. Can’t remember who was in each group. Yes, marbles was in the fastest group. We did AYG to the flag and called it a morning. Great work boys.

Name o Rama

Marbles is an accountant, a triathlete, and (according to Star Child) is tough to understand on the phone. So. Yeah. We ignored 2 of his great qualities and went with Marbles. Great meeting you! Hope you come back! I promise other Q’s will make it tougher. (Not funner….just tougher)

6 – Nugget likes chicken nuggets but doesn’t eat them very often… He’s from Hikes point. By the Golden Nugget. He’s also a stud. I think he posted 10 days in a row last week.


announcements were made. Let nugget know if you’re interested night racing… There is going to be some sort of AO Olympics… And some other stuff you can find on Slack. Intentions were made, and I reminded the paX how fond I was of them, how much I appreciated them coming out, and encouraged us all to be patient with our loved ones, and to do something nice for a stranger today.


I wore a tank top. Collar was popped for most of the work out. I kinda liked it. When in Rome… When in Rome…


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