Black Ops – The Beach Backblast, 5/18

Q – IcemanPAX – 14- Iceman, Kilo, SnowDay, Nino, MacAfee, Diablo, Abacus, Stormtrooper, NiceNSlow, Huggies, Dodoododododo, ToolTime, Piggy, DoubledownCOT – dedicated the WO to my Mother-in-law who went to sky Q this morning peacefully as my M and 2.0.(Slider) held her.Music – Top Gun Soundtrack of course!Conditions – SandyWarmup – kinetic style, mosey, butt kicks, heal kicks, arm circle, knee grabs … all while movingThang 1 – course work, partnered up.. partner 1 runs course(cones, ladder, my standard stuff), partner 2 derkins, dips, merkins. Rinse and repeatThang 2 – hippety hop line workBounds, 2 and 1 leg, crawlbear back180 bounds, ankletwisters, skaters, backward lunge.Thang 3 – Crawl Carry… it got interesting.Mary – Rotating Q… took longer than expected. Who knew so many HIMs liked to play in the sand.COT – Prayed to sky Q, rinse and repeat for my mother in law and other Pax in need of prayer. Thanked Him for the sand under our feet and the sun in the sky.Get into the danger zone. Leave no man where you find HIM.Ice Out!

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