Memorial Day Posh Incubator Pre-Blast

I saw this picture on social media and really, really wanted to get on the sassitude train and say something about how most of the time when people post this, they are the lazy ones who sit around on days off and don’t do diddly squat, let alone 300 squats.

See what I did there.

If you can’t make the Murph at the O on Saturday, come on out to the Posh Monday ITG for a repeat. We will have a later start time and go from 0700-0800. However, I must warn you that A). I’ve never done a Murph before and B). I don’t have one of those fancy watches that tracks distance. What better way to wing it like this than amongst my F3 Brothers. So, if you have either A). completed or led a Murph before and/or B). have a watch that tracks distance, you’d be much appreciated. Either way, it’s going to be a good time had by all as we #getbetter and more importantly, honor the fallen on Memorial Day.

See you there. 0700.

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