5/25/18 Norton Commons #BlackOps Backblast

Posted on behalf of my man Steerage:

Q – Steerage

PAX 6: Lil’Smokey, Meter Maid, Tool Time, Grinder, Snowman, Steerage

Disclaimer was spoken and we started off with a run showing a new section of Norton Commons and circled back on the track to the amphitheater where we gathered for COP:


– Downward dog with left and right leg stretch

– Grass Grabbers (10) IC

– Abe Vigoda Forward/Back

– (3) Count Merkins (10) IC

– Imperial Walkers (10) IC

The Thang 1 – hanging tight at the amphitheater we had (4) stations that we would rotate through three times.

Paired up into three groups.

– Station 1 – 10 Burpee

o Moving From Station 1 – 2 Broad Jump

– Station 2 –  10 Spiderman

o Moving From Station 2 -3 Bear Crawl

– Station 3 –  15  Squats

o Moving From Station 3 – 4 Bear Crawl

– Station 4 –  15 Big Boy

o Moving From Station 4 -1 Broad Jump

Took a little run over to soccer field.

The Thang 2

Jack Webbs – Merkin (1) combo Air Press (4) – by the time we completed (10)/ (40) arms were on fire.

Made it easy to roll over for some Mary.

– 20 LBC’s

– 15 American Hammers

– 15 Scissors

– 20 Big Boy Sit Up’s

– 15 LBFC’s

Mosey back to the flag or area where a flag would be. Announcements were made, Intentions and prayer. Everyone have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.


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