05/29/18 – Back Blast – The Mutt – Ring of Fire – Part Deux

After Q’ing in Lexington on Saturday with Gepetto, I felt like I had a pretty good game plan for The Rooster on Tuesday morning. I went to bed about 11 pm and thought to myself, Ok, six good hours of sleep and I’ll be ready to go! Well, not exactly, 3:26 am my eyes pop open, is it 5 yet? Nope, ok I can go back to sleep or so I thought until thoughts started creeping into my head. What if my Weinke doesn’t last long enough? A question we have all pondered at some point or another either during a Q or well, you know. You do know right?? Anyway. More thoughts, what if Captain Insano shows up and thinks my Weinke is too easy? What if it rains, should I stay on the field or move to pavement?  What if Zartan shows up and there aren’t any Burpees?  What if Zoolander is wearing navy or brown….hahaha, ok there is no way that is ever happening. What if Tiger shows up on time? What if Mad Cow was a Kentucky fan? What if…..you get my point. I never really went back to sleep. You would think after almost a year of doing this I wouldn’t get so geaked up for a Q but I still do. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Qing it.

Q: Backdraft

Pax: Gepetto, Deuce, Mad Cow, Scratch, Diguorno, Duplo, Curly, Sump Pump, Cow Bell, Left Eye, PED, Snowman, Zima, Fergie, Pork Chop, Fatone, Wham O

COP: Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigodas, Arm/Shoulder Stretches, Downward dog leg/calf stretches, Cobra (back stretch), Grass Grabbers.

Thang 1: Ring of Fire – 18 different exercise stations shaped in a circle. Ten stations were Coupon related – Coupon Squats, Coupon Thrusters, Coupon Swings, American Hammer w/ Coupon, Hand Over Hand Coupon Merkins, Coupon (x2) Standing Farmers Walk, 2 Handed Coupon Shoulder Raises, Coupon Rows, Coupon Dead Lifts, Kneeling Coupon Press, and eight non Coupon exercises – Carolina Dry Docks, Rosalitas, Gas Pumps, Jump Squats, Freddie Mercuries, Big Boy Sit Up, Merkins & Al Gores. Each Pax member finds a station to start and goes 45 seconds on at each station and 15 seconds off to move to the next station. Each Pax member circles the Ring of Fire to complete all stations.

Thang 2: 200 Coupon Curls, 150 Squats, 25 Big Boy Sit Ups – We moseyed to the goal post at the end of the football field with our Coupons. The Pax Partnered up; Partner 1 began curling with the Coupon while Partner 2 bear crawled for 15 yards and then ran to the middle of the field and back to the goal post. Partners switch up, Partner 2 takes over Coupon curls while Partner 1 bear crawled for 15 yards and then ran to the middle of the field and back to the goal post. Rinse and repeat until 200 Coupon curls, 150 Squats, and 25 Big Boy Sit ups total were completed between the partners.

Coupons were returned and we circled up at the flags.

COT: Intentions were heard. I expressed my thanks to be a part of such a great group of guys.  I only hope that I can reflect the goodness of these HIMS each day in my life. Until next time, Backdraft out.

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