6/7 Kilo Birthday BackBlast #TheExtender

2EFD4A3B-D0C9-4ED3-8084-ED63ECC6CF20One year ago June 7, 2017 happy on the outside, but frustrated with my appearance.  Loving father and husband, but a short temper.  The birth of my son (Ryan) coupled with some health scares and a great friend (Rhythm) recommendation, soon led me to you.  F3Louisville.



Needless to say, I was certainly not the best version of myself, I wasn’t even close.  Thanks to F3Louisville I am much closer, but still a long way to go.  You all are those people in my life that raise my standerds, you continuiously remind me of my purpose, and hold me accountable to be the best ME i can be.

This is why I continue to passionately HL friends, strangers, and basically any man i come in contact with.  We all need the things F3 provides.




Sense of purpose outside the family

Faith in something bigger than yourself

Leadership opportunities


This list could go on forever………..

I just wanted to take a quick second and talk about how much each and everyone of you reading this means to me (and those not reading i love you too).  This thing we have has made me better, as a man, husband, father, and member of this city.  It’s given me the opportunity to make new friends and deepen the friendships I already had.


on to the workout day


I show up to the mutt with a sweet message from a favorite HIM (ToolTime). He couldn’t make the workout, but brought me a gift anyway.  He and I discussed using mini coups for the workout today but turned out he had some family responsibilities pop up at the last minute.  So rather than have me re write my weinke at the last minute.  This HIM set his alarm extra early to deliver my gift.  And he even spelled out Happy Day (not enough coups for the B).  Thanks brother!


PAX to celebrate

PED, Fridge, Topham Hat (DR), Deuce, scratch, Gepetto, steerage, MacAfee, PK, old bay, Glauc, retainer, pepperoni, tiger, zoo, Broadway, kilo

Conditions were perfect.

Gear was perfect (Neon 3/4 tights black F3 ranger panties neon Walmart dri fit)

Because no one else wore neon for my bday.  All had to do 10 burpees.  Even YHC

grab coups for COP

20 SSH w coups

15 overhead claps w coups

kendra Newman’s w coups

15 Grass grabbers


mosey around the school to get the blood flowing and for some 2rd F.


now into the kilo pain train.

The Tabata below was completed with mini coups in hand.




another quick mosey around the school to cool down a bit.


return to a favorite side to side near crawl

then bear crawl across parking lot on YHC command.


then side to side shuffle with sprint across parking lot on YHC command.


Finished with plank o Rama and 10 boyos!!!!


Last year I was a sad clown.  Today I’m a HIM.  Thanks to F3Louisville.  All of you have played a key part in making me better.  Thanks RedRoof for believing in F3, thanks Rhythm for the HL!  Without the two of you specifically, I would still be a sad clown.


Til my next Q in 8 hours.


-Kilo Out

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