Norton Commons Black Ops Backblast 06/08/18

11 HIMs came out for a coupon work out: Big Bird, Tool Time, Koxeema Jackson, Wham, Grave Digger, Glen Ross, Face, Fridge, Grinder, Snowman, Steerage (Q)

Disclaimer given and we took a mosey over to my house to pick up some coupons I bought yesterday. We paired up and ran to the soccer field coupons grinding out the shoulders. (Decent run to get to soccer fields, looked up 0.4 miles) Once there we set the coupons down about 30 yards from sideline. And did a quick COP. 15 SSH, 15 Grass Grabbers and a little downward dog and cobra. Time to get after it. Partnered up for DORA:
P1 Runs and 10 merkins
• 200 Coupon Shoulder Press
• 200 Coupon Squats
• 200 Coupon Rows
• 200 LBC
• 200 Curls
Time was getting tight so we had a quick 10 second rest before partnering up and running the coupons back to my house. This time it was closer to 0.5 miles as I was checking the 6 part of the group took a wrong turn. Back on track, coupons dropped off and a quick mosey back to the flag. 6:15 on the dot.

Announcements, Intentions and a prayer to get us started for a great Friday.


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