6/12 Backblast Bayside

The rain held off this morning for a nice 70 degrees with just a little mist at the end.  We had a good crowd with T18, Banana Bread, Gilly, Capt. Goodvibes, Thumbtack, Turrible (FNG), and Grandpa Bear (Q) representing.  The pressure was on as Banana Bread jokingly said before starting Grandpa Bear never disappoints.  As all Q’s want to do, push ourselves beyond what we think we can do.  Starting almost a minute late we began to jog.  Jogging to our first COP I gave the disclaimer that I was by no means a professional and to modify at all times to your own level.

COP – Stretching

Grass grabbers – 20 IC

Arm circles

Imperial Walkers – 25 IC

Downward Dog into Cobra – 4 stretches

SSH – 52 IC

LBC’s – 25 IC

Derkins – 10 IC

Jog to next location.  Partnered up. While holding partners ankles did 30 leg throw down raises. Switch. Repeat.

Gloves and wheel barrows.  Partnered up.  Held partners legs while partner walked on hands 40 yds.  Switch. Repeat.  Modified with a bear craw as needed.

Off to the 100 yd dash.  Stopped by to grab a coupon for the dash.  Starting on the goal line, the goal given was to get to the opposite goal line.  Choices.

The hardest choice so far was to get out of bed and make it this morning.  Jesus told Peter he would deny him 3 times before the rooster crows.   Choices.  Are we going to stand for what we believe or blend in to what we are comfortable with.  Our children are watching what we do.  Our friends around us are listening to what we say.  Are the choices we are making being a light to others?

We started on the goal line with our coupon in hand and lunged to the 10 yard line.  5 burpies. Lunge to the 20 yd line – 25 overhead presses.  Lunge to the 30 yard line. 6 burpies.  Lunge to the 40 yd line –  7 burpies.  Walk to the 50 yd line – 8 burpies.  Choices.  Are we going to push or stop where we are comfortable.  Lunge to the 40 yd line – 20 overhead presses.  Lunge to the 30 yd line – 15 IC bicep curls.  Lunge to the 20 yd line – 10 IC military presses.  Lunge to the 10 yd line – 25 air squats with coupon.  Lunge to the goal line.  10 count.

Walk with coupon to benches.  Partnered up.  Alternating LBC’s – 25 ea with partner doing as many dips as possible.  4 sets = 100 Lbc’s

Walk to coupon placement and jog to COT.


With time remaining we held Arnold palmers/tree hugger for a 10 count by everybody.  Good job men.  Choices.  Who are you?  What are you?  Where are you going?

Announcements:  Thumbtack reminded everybody about upcoming ruck 6-22-18.

Intensions:  B.B and the Ms’s.  All participating at SBC Bible school this week.

Til next time….



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