Back Blast Cardinal Q at the Ruiner 6/23

8 Strong men came out on Saturday for a quest to perfect walking Lunges. Trump, Tron, Sully, Loco, Who Day, Swifty, and Red Hawk (FNG) Cardinal (Q)

After a quick disclaimer we ran the short way to the field hockey field.  It was ideal conditions.  An amazing 70 degrees and cloudy with little humidity.  I dreamed of these conditions in January.

We warmed up with arm circles, rotating head stretches, huggers, and tried to touch our toes.

1st exercise – Divide into groups of three and move to wide end of field hockey field with large and small coupons. (Thanks Zoo for these gifts)

Three man relay with one working out on one end of the field, one running, and one at other end of the field. We completed one exercise in AMRAP style until 5 exercises were completed while doing various movements in-between (1st is walking lunges, 2nd is run backwards, 3rd is grape vine).

Side 1: Merkins, Shoulder press with large coupon, Arm curl with large coupon, Arm extensions with small coupons out to side, Arm extensions with small coupons directly in front of you.

Side 2: Squats, Lunges in place, Calf raises, Squats, Lunges in place

2nd exercise – Partner time.  Divide into partners about equal size.

Decline pushups with partner holding their ankles at their waist.  Goal of 15

Stomach – lay on ground and hold partner’s ankles – lift up while partner pushes your legs down.  Goal of 15


3rd exercise – keep partners

Wheel barrow as team long width of field hockey field, run back

Yoda one way and switch to other partner on way back.

4th exercise – Ring of fire

Circle up with 1 pax member doing 10 push ups and the rest are planking while touching opposing shoulders (right/left) – take turns doing the push ups around the circle

5th exercise – Bay watch sprints 3x to various points in field

We finished with Burpee Football for the final minutes.

We then Circled up for Name o Roma.   Great addition of Rich Glasser. (FNG.. Red Hawk)  Welcome to F3!  Intensions for Pope’s recovery.  Prayer – motivational quote “You are a true success when you help others be successful”

Thank you to all came out on Saturday!  I really appreciated the support.  Cardinal.

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