6.16.18 B.B. 1year anniversary -1 week late

F3 is great for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is the accountability we all share to help each other get better. I’m not good at these Saturday back blasts. I’m even more worser when I type half of it, and lose it cuz I’m not real good at WordPress, or really anything gizmo related.

I apologize. I’m accountable. Here it is.

Red Roof was looking for Ruiner Q’s a while back and I thought it’d be fun to Q on or around my 1 year anniversary of my application being approved for F3. It was exactly 366 days after my V-Post with fellow V’s Country Boy, Quimby, and Old Bay.

We were coerced, pressured, asked, hounded, (also known as “Headlocked”) by CI and Zartan. Us 4 newbies held each other accountable for showing up outside Quimby’s house on that gloomy, rainy, lightningy, and eeeeeeeeearly Thursday morning – to have Zartan chauffeur (otherwise known as “clown car”) us over to The O.

16 pax posted that morning. I knew the dudes in our car- plus CI, and Face. The other 9 (Red roof, star child, Jordy, bob Ross, double down, iron clad, little Jerry, methane and nomo) were about to become more than just workout partners. (Except for nomo and ironclad. Never really got to know them. Ironclad was one and done…..and it looks like Nomo transferred to the posh, and decided to take a break after a DoubleDown melter- I bet he did 100 SSH’s😉).

14 of the 16 that posted at the O a year ago are still getting better with F3. Pretty impressive. I got more than a beat down that morning. I got some new friends, and built deeper relationships with guys I thought I already knew. It’s been great. So to celebrate we did this:

Can’t read it? Darn. Ok. I’ll write it out. Also, I did not have – nor even know what a callus was pre F3. I also didn’t know what a burpee was. I’ve come a long way.

Q – Zoolander


Cow bell

Sump pump



Trump – in a golf shirt and argyles. Tight.


Sea bass 2.0ish




Glen Ross

Flipper 2.0


Zartan- a year later

Tanner 2.0




Elmer 2.0




11-11 2.0

Red roof – a year later

Pope – being smart and modifying

Old Bay – a year later


So 3 of the 16 from my original post showed up. Not bad. Thanks OB and Zartan!

Circle up. Humbled by the turnout. Sorry Deuce😬. Disclaimer given. Presents given. Yes Zoo came with presence and presents! Kilo brought mini coups to the Mutt for his birthday, and I thought it’d be nice to bring them to the O since they are having coupon problems at their dojo. The underground karate movement at the O and the Carp is uncanny.


Grab 2 bricks. Jog to the CAL parking lot. Grab a partner. P1 sprints to the fence and does decline merkins beginning at the top rung (10) then the middle rung (8) then the bottom rung (6). The 2.0’s were basically perpendicular to the ground at the top rung. They did awesome. Fun to see. P2 rotates 10 dips then step ups (w mini coups) until relieved. Did this 3 times. Got a 10 count from Flipper and lined up. Jog half way across parking lot-then sprint AYG. Mini coups in tow. Basically you carried the bricks with you everywhere you went. 2 more sets and a Bernie Sanders and we were done at CAL.

Thang 2

Get into partners of 4. I like partnering up when I Q. I’m big on the 2rdF. It’s my favorite F. I’m really good at it too. It’s really the only F I’m above average at. Ok. Enough bragging about my ability to talk. Group 1 grabs mini coups and does a loop from the playground around the tennis courts. Stay with you partner. Push your partner. I learned about Tron’s vacation. It helped me ignore the pain. The other group rotates doing Bobby Hurley’s while their partner hangs on the monkey bars and brings their legs to their chest until failure. Continue until the runners arrive. We did this twice. Running with those mini coups is no joke.

Thang 3

I wanted to go to a Hill outside the oval for some bear crawl, and crawl bearing. But we were running short on time. So I decided to do a quick egg toss with mini coups. Sorta CSAUP. But I thought it’d be neat to see who trusted who, and if the pax would follow. They did. Catch the brick and you’re ok. Drop it and you do burpees. Cutlass took this very seriously. Didn’t ever drop it. We only did a couple throws. But if you would have told me a year ago that I would tell 30 dudes to toss bricks to each other…..and that they would do it!!!….I would’ve well. You know. Not believed them.

Thang 4

I also like to make the pax uncomfortable. And looking into another man’s eyes makes pax uncomfortable. So I asked the pax to grab a partner and stand across from them with about 15 yards in between. Elbow plank. Inch arms forward when I call “1”….then a little further at “2”…..then hold full extension when I call “3”. Do this until you meet in the middle. Trying to look into your partners eyes the whole time. Side note — sorta awkward with a 2.0. Especially when they’re not your 2.0. Sorry Tanner. Sorry Zartan.


Jack Weber

I was toast. So I decided we’d end on a jack Webb 1:2 arm press with mini coupons to merkin. Thanks to Trump for keeping us on task and for counting. I couldn’t talk. Or count. Apparently neither could 11-11. OR he’s sly like a fox. We were gassed after 7 and needed a 10 count. I asked 11-11 (an awesome 2.0) to give us a count. He started at 10……then said he said he should’ve started at 1…..then stopped. Then started over. He was awesome. We got a 43 count and were rested enough to finish the final 3. Wooooooooof!



7 inch seams and a nike vest. No shirt. Tank-topish. And my f3 hoorag that CI gave me. Thanks to CI and Zartan for giving me this gift, and thanks to country boy, Quimby, and old bay for holding me accountable that awesome morning a year ago. Oh. And thanks for the name Zartan. I think it sorta works.

I’m taking a mini break to heal some nagging injuries, and am taking a quick vacation. I’ll be back soon.


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