06.26.18 – Bag O’ Wrenches – Old Bay BB

Seneca.  The Big O.  Our own Mecca in Louisville KY.  The land of broken ankles, a 1.25 mile track, and urine-soaked coupons.  This AO will always be my jam, even though I don’t get here nearly enough.  To be fair, I think a fat kid eats the cake in his backyard more often that the cake that he has to drive a bit further (farther?  Grammar police) for.  In any event, I was jacked to lead this group at the O yesterday.  I hope that you expect me to push hard every time I lead, because that is 100% always my goal.   My M asks why I tinker with my weinke so much, heh heh, and why I’m talking about it for days before it happens.  I tell her it’s for the group.  Period.  But also ‘cuz I get to overhear awesome shit like “C’mon man you got this”, and “8 kids?!?  Did they all come from YOUR loins?”

Short summary of WO.  I have something to say at the end if you’re still reading then.

Pax (17):  Vincent (R), PED, Kilo, Cutlass (LB), Methane, Tin Cup, Sump Pump, Zima, Nugget, Star Child, Cardinal, Bobble, Glen Ross, Chapo, Pork Chop, Rhythm, Old Bay (Q)

COP: Mosey straight to the tennis courts for some things and stuff.

Thang 1:  1.2-ish mile Scout run.  Line leader sprints ahead for a 10 count, mosey back to group to the six.  Next guy does same, up to the first turn at Seneca.  Bearkins across the width of Seneca to turn 2.  Scout run down the backside to turn 3.  Lunge walk halfway across, then bearkins across the 2nd half, back to start.  Mosey over to school parking lot.

Thang 2:  Everyone grab a curb for ’round the clock Merkins.  5 incline, 5 offset, 5 decline, 5 offset, twice.  A quick 40 Merkins for the dumb-dumbs doing that Merkin challenge….that I could never do.  Respect.  Mosey back to tennis courts.

Thang 3: Four groups of 4 in separate chunks of the tennis courts.  Group 1 20 SSH then pushes all groups to advance to next.  Group 2 does full V-Ups, Group 3 does Al Gore, Group 4 does Burpee.  We got in 2 rounds.  TIME.

Announcements, COR, NOR.  Prayers spoken and unspoken for the crew and extended crew.  I tried to freestyle about gratitude again.  I continue to work at this.  In this crazy world, It’s so easy to forget how good we truly have it.

So here’s the close.   I’m in a hotel in West Virginia, I’ve had a shitty week, and my primary meeting tomorrow cancelled on me after I had checked in to the hotel.  I came out here mostly for this appointment tomorrow, and missed Lainey’s field hockey tournament game tonight.  F’ing pissed….kind of sideways pissed.  Went out for a quick dinner, and then back to the hotel to just shut down this stupid day.  I grabbed a Sierra Nevada and a Two-Hearted from the lobby market thingy, and headed to the desk to buy ’em.  The dude in front of me is finishing checking in and says “Put those on my room.  Those are some good beers.”  I look at his shirt and he’s the Sierra Nevada rep!  Instantly changes my head.  We have a quick chat, but then he leaves abruptly before I can HL him into more wobble-pops by the fire, followed by burpees.  Whoa.  #HIM

The point I hope is evident…always be awesome…or always try to be awesome.  Hell, stop trying to pretend you have it all together.  I sure as hell don’t.  But try to build up the guy or girl next to you who also doesn’t have it together.  You might change their day.


ps – I’ve broken the 24 hour rule, but I’m out of town beyond the long arm of the law…read:CI.

pps – Dang.  The west coast Cubs game is on.



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