Backblast #TheFog@Poshlands Aerobie VQ

Water was a big focus of the day.  Everyone stay hydrated and help others do the same.
We started at 7 AM sharp. Began with a disclaimer and welcoming of 2FNG’s (Later received F3 names Watt and Fiona, welcome!)

Pax included:
Hot Wheels
Pork Chop
Iceman- R
Brent Adams, FNG, F3 name Watt
Mike Sheehan, FNG, F3 name Fiona
Aerobie- Q

Cop:  SSH, grass grabbers, frog stretch, hamstring stretch, foot reachers, Al Gore, imperial Walkers

Mosey to coupon lot and partner up
Introduce Pax to our coupons:  packaged water, 32 count packages.
General rule of thumb:  each set of partners to take turns carrying the coupon throughout the work

In the coupon lot, Partner 1 do coupon presses while partner 2 crab walks in the parking lot. Switch.

Partner 1 do coupon curls while partner 2 bear crawls and crawlbears  in the parking lot. Switch.

Partner 1 do coupon squats while partner 2 broad jumps to destination and runs back.  Switch.

Mosey along Egglawn to thang 1, carrying water coupons.
Squat jumps. I/C
Monkey thumpers. I/C
Devin Hesters, aka coupon chase.  Partner 1 has head start carrying coupon. Partner 2 tries to catch, first doing Mario’s (switch), then karaokes (switch).
Modified LBC’s, with partner,  bungee cords for extra resistance.  20 count.  Switch.

Mosey along Egglawn to thang 2, carrying water coupons.
Group run to where disc lands and exercises, rinse and repeat, various exercises at each landing spot:  flutter kicks, mountain climbers, dolly, merkins, etc.

Mosey along Egglawn to thang 3, carrying water coupons.
Partner 1 bear crawl part of way to marker as partner 2 lunge walks, switch halfway. Sprint back. Merkins (trying to help out all who are completing the June Merkin challenge.).

Mosey back to flags.
Merkins, big boy sit-ups, Guantanamo leg lifts, etc.

Circle of trust, announcements, intentions.  Remember and lift up in prayer those with loved ones with cancer diagnoses, and undergoing cancer treatment, those whose loved ones have had recent surgery, those who have lost a loved one or have a family member nearing end of life, remember those battling addictions, and remember the homeless esp. during the coming heat wave. In this life, all go thru the valley at times and as was mentioned we never know what will happen in the future, but God is faithful and will never let us walk alone. He is present.

Great time having my VQ and thanks for all the support and encouragement! – Aerobie

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