Back Blast – 7/7 – Southern Indiana Black Ops @ Big Four Station


All of the excitement leading up to the launch of this new Black Ops location had suddenly turned into fear late the night before.  Would anyone show?  Would the Farmer’s market set up on all the spots I’d chosen for exercises?  Would any of our headlocking produce some FNGs? Would we have an Anchorman-style burpee brawl with the Bridgeview Crossfit guys (and gals)?

All of these worries slowly melted away the morning of.  I drove around the the site several times to survey and run through my plan. Then I parked and stepped out into blissful 65 degree morning with clear skies and low(er) humidity.  I moseyed in between the end of the bridge ramp and the soon-to-be-known-as Bear Crawl Fountain and planted the flag.

I was way to early. Like twenty minutes early, so I moseyed around a little more, stretched, then stretched some more.  Then, who do I see but my main man, Snowman.  Yes!  We had one.  Next, from across the bridge came Miyagi.  Then, waving his Indiana state flag proudly was Gru.  We really had the start of something good here.  Miyagi let us know that his dad, Co-Pay was on his way with Miyagi’s uncle, a FNG.  Sweet!  Then, a couple minutes before 8, the rest of our crew came barreling down the bridge ramp: Sump Pump, Quimby, and Zartan.  I was ecstatic.  The 2nd F was strong with this bunch, so this was going to be fun no matter what.  I made the disclaimer and off we went…but not before Quimby made his own disclaimer that we might lose him for a bit if we got near a bathroom.  More to come from that…

PAX: Snowman, Gru, Miyagi, Sump Pump, Quimby, Zartan, Co-Pay (R), Cubbie (R/FNG), Grinder (Q)

We did a quick mosey around the base of the bridge and onto the large field beside the playground for COP.  It was the usual Grinder selection of SSHs, Abe Vigodas, Downward Dog, Runner’s Stretch, Grass Grabbers and Michael Phelps.  For anyone that’s come to more than a few of my Q’s, I apologize for the utter lack of creativity with my warm-ups.  These are the things that get me loose.  They work, so I stick with them, but it’s become clear to me that’s probably time to start mixing things up more.

Next we lined up on the sidewalk that runs under the bridge ramp.  Along the sidewalk, there are 9 concrete platforms, all 12″-18″ tall that set anywhere from 15-25 feet apart.  PAX were to go one at a time, box jump onto platform, hop down, do a burpee, then bear crawl to the next platform and repeat…for all 9 platforms.

Next, we moseyed a few blocks down to the river amphitheater for the main event of the day, The Dirty Mac Deuce.  This is where you pick three exercises (one chest, one leg and one core) and do four sets of 12 reps (IC) of each with running in between.  We did two full circuits of the Mac Deuce, with the first circuit utilizing T Merkins, Copperhead Squats and V4s, while the second circuit consisted of Progressive Dips, Copperhead Lunges, and Box Cutters.  Lucky for Quimby, I picked a workout spot near a public entertainment venue that was equipped with top-of-the-line port-a-potties. Let’s just say the mayor has a new office on the sunny side of the river.  Despite an attempt by Sump Pump to disrupt the mayor’s ‘meeting’, Quimby was able to handle his work quickly and re-join the workout.

We did a slow mosey back up to the park and I asked Zartan to lead us in a Merkin Time Bomb because I was unsure of exactly how it went.  Once he explained it started with 10 merkins, we backed it off to a Merkin Smoke Bomb and began with 5 instead in the interest of time.  We finished up doing a round robin of Mary, with each PAX leading an exercise.  Snowman was really into it and left us no doubt that he had enough gas in the tank to get him back across the river.

We did our final mosey back to the flag, made announcements and welcomed our new brother, Cubbie, to the fold before finishing up in the COT.

I want to thank everyone for coming out and I want invite anyone that wants a change of scenery to cross the bridge and join us one Saturday soon. We plan to be there every week 7am-8am. And, PLEASE, if you know a sad clown in Southern Indiana, start working on him and get him out and join us.  Grinder out.

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