F3 outreach 3rd f in action

Two weeks ago I (Aerobie)  found myself with over three hundred 16 oz. bottles of waters at the beginning of a July heat wave.  During a circle of trust, I asked for suggestions on meaningful ways these might be distributed to the homeless in Louisville.  I am awed by many great ideas that have been shared since then, by the desire of our members to help the homeless and veterans, and most tangibly (to this point ) by the opportunity to go with @Wapner on 2 occasions over a lunch hour to visit with about 50-70 homeless men and women living under I 65 at Jefferson Street next to the wayside Christian mission, where we handed out the bottles.

At the suggestion of @Kilo, yesterday we taped a verse of Scripture to the cooler.  I’ll post a picture somewhere once I figure out how.  Three times @Wapner and I were asked which church we are with.  A couple of them seemed a little surprised when we said we’re not with any church, but we are just out here wanting to help. And that we are part of a men’s leadership group that revolves around fitness, fellowship and faith. But one man, David, simply said, “well, you are the Church.”  Well, I think David is a guy who really taught us something about the third f.

Near term, 4-6 or us will be meeting this Saturday after Posh to brainstorm other ideas as to how the Lord might want us to help those less fortunate. Not that we would solve their problems, but just knowing we have the opportunity to help them “get better” in their own situations is fulfilling.

We will continue to post on third f about the direction this is taking. If you are interested, join third f and you will get the updates as they come, and if anyone is hearing about this effort for the first time and is interested in getting involved, let us know on 3rd f channel.   Many thanks to be part of a group of HIMs who are thinking of ideas, reaching out with open hands, and praying for the homeless.

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