Back Blast #theExtender 7/12/18: New toys for my weinke

Nine showed up ready to work this morning.  Zima (Q), Sump Pump, Mouth, Water Boy, Tiger, Pepperoni, Hawkeye (DR @f3nashville), Wham-O and Cowbell.

I was pumped about getting back in the Q as I was certain I’d come up with something creative.  Having been out of the gloom most of last week, the back to back beat downs suffered at the O with @trumpf3 and then at the Mutt with @glynross had left my shoulders in less than ideal conditions to do much more than drive.  No issue, I just needed to focus on LB, but I didn’t want to run all day.  I needed to find some way to cover some ground, but make it harder.  Thankfully, I haven’t cleaned my trunk out in a decade and decided yesterday was the day.  Just past the fast food wrappers (from a decade ago of course) I found a 10′ length of rope and an idea was born…Resistance sprints!  I called the M out to the driveway to test my plan.  Me: lightbulb smile and giddy with excitement.  M: puzzled looks and questioning her commitment 13 years ago.  Feedback was that my rope was way too skinny and would cut someone in half.  Off to Lowes I go and suddenly @F3louisville is no longer free.  Fresh, poshy rope in hand and even some pipe insulation to make it M approved I set off constructing 12 homemade resistance bands for the Pax.

FF 8 hours: Arrived at the Mutt extra early to set up the course and discovered the newly extended parking area that gave us an extra 100 feet of runway.  For curious minds, the parking lot is now about 450′ from the tips, which splits nicely into four 35ish yard segments.  Here we go.

Warm Up with some SSH’s, sloooooowww Grass Grabbers, Runners Stretch, Copperhead Squats, and Kendra Newmans.  Mosey to pick up the coupons and drop them on the far side of the parish house in the new lot for later and then mosey to the west end of the big lot nearest Cherrywood Lane.

Partner up.  This is where i messed it all up because even numbers were critical today.

Thang 1:  Grab a resistance band and make your way to the other end of the lot (450′ away) via resistance sprints, stopping at four stations along the way.

P1 – Resistance sprint to 1st bucket, about 35 yards.  P2 provide resistance with rope around P1 waist.  Once bucket reached, drop band and P1 runs to the end of the parking lot, now only about 340′ away and back while P2 does prisoner squats at bucket.  Once P1 returns switch the rope.

P2 – Resistance sprint to 2nd bucket.  P1 provide resistance with rope around P2 waist.  Once at bucket #2, P2 runs to end of the parking lot, now only 220′ away and return while P1 holds Al Gore.  Once P2 returns, switch rope.

P1 – Resistance sprint to 3rd bucket.  P2 provide resistance.  You get the idea.  Once 3rd bucket reached, drop band and P1 runs to the end of the parking lot and returns while P2 performs Jump Tucks.  Once P1 returns switch the rope.

P2 – Resistance sprint to end of parking lot.  P1 provides resistance.  Both partners do 50 Little Baby Squats; assume Al Gore position and bounce 50 times.   

Both partners Bernie Sanders back to the other end of the parking lot.  Rinse and repeat, switching order.  Mario’s back to beginning.

Thang 2:  Same idea, but change up the exercises.  Station 1; Merkins.  Station 2; Burpees.  Station 3; Coupon Skull Crushers.  Station 4; Coupon Presses (x50).  Bernie sanders back to beginning and switch for round 2.  Mario Back to the beginning.

(Sidebar:  In my head, P1 was going to do coupon presses while P2 ran all the way to the end of the parking lot and back, but a mid-weinke audible had both partners at the last station in need of coupons and we were short coupons.  No worries, the HIMs in this crew brought their own from station 3 as EC with the resistance sprint.)

Thang 3:  Taken right out of @f3grinder playbook: The plank worm.   Form a straight line (head to feet) in plank position.  The six does one burpee and sprints to front of line and gets back in plank.  Next six does the same and repeat until we’ve reached our goal.  All pax get through twice.

Five minutes to spare and it time for Mary.  After performing one round of gas pumps, it occurs to YHC that he really cannot count out loud and lead Mary very well so we audible to You Call It and each Pax pitches in on the COP a little.  Surprisingly, we get to do Merkins twice again.

Done just in time to clean up and COT.  No announcements.  Intentions were spoken and we all left a little better I hope.  #getbetter







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