At 225 lbs on a 5’9” frame I was over weight and unhealthy.  Upon returning from vacation last summer my neighbor (Rhythm) invited me to come workout with some friends of his at 0530 at the parklands.  My immediate response was “hell no”  workout…..no.   0530….hell no.  After some contemplation and a little nudging from rhythm I decided to give it a go on Wednesday July 19th 2017 at what we now know as “TheBridge”.

Nugget was the Q and I was the 6.  Everyone of the HIM listed above helped to push me through that workout.  I remember Methane mumbling some encouraging words to me towards the end of the workout.  “Great job man”.

That really stuck with me.  I didn’t know these guys, they didn’t know me.  I had no idea what they were talking about, but I wanted to learn, and suddenly I was one of them.  They gave me a name, and I liked it.

I was absolutely exhausted the rest of that day.  It wasn’t the 1stF that brought me back (I was terrified) It was the 2ndF, the brotherhood that brought me back out.  The calling to be a part of a group that puts others before themselves.  The type of men that leave no man behind, but never leave that man where they found him.


I love this group group and I hope tomorrow I can encompass some of what it means to me in 45 min.




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