BOP back blast Thimbtack



Banana bread

Fanny Pack- Respect

Grandpa Bear






Thumbtack Q

So when I saw this list from Methane, mccafee, nugget, and retainer I thought their is now way I and the Hims could get through any of this. When we we arrived I explained what we were doing and after talking to my site Q Banana Bread and Glauc we decided to modify the workout and do two minute intervals of every exercises as many as you can. I realized except the burpees most of the guys finished their amount of reps for each excercise. I learned something I already knew about my brothers at bayside we are strong and don’t give up in a challenge. I was proud of the push the Hims accomplished.  We made it passed shoulder raises and ran out of time.

We met in the parking lot and mosy to the  back of the school to cop: grass grabbers, plank stretching, some more arm stretches.

Then we began the BOP Excercises and run 50 yards and back in between

100 burpees

Calf raises 150 (regular raises, toe in, ties out)

Ski abs( plank, (feet together right,middle left, middle) 100

merkins 100

deep squats 100

Lbc’s 200

carolina drydocks 100

russian twists( American hammers) 100

mac tai jar 100

jump squats 100

mountain climbers 100

shoulder raises 200

mosy back to flag for cot

I thought was a great you vs you test but thought for time reasons we should do this on a Saturday





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