Back Blast 7/22: The Max

This was going to be my last workout at Bayside for a while. Work travel and vacation will make these next three weeks pretty hectic for me. I wanted to leave the HIMs with a solid performance before my long hiatus. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did!


Banana Bread (Q)
Shuttlecock (R)
Charolais (R)
Fanny Pack (R)
Mr. Bubbles
Ferdinand (FNG)


SSH (IC) x30
Abe Vigoda (IC) x15
Plank stretching
Merkins (IC, single count) x20
Plank waterfall (10 sec count by each PAX)

Thang 1: Partner Work

-Partner 1 begins lunging w/ coupon
-Partner 2 completes 5 BOYOs, 10 Merkins, 20 LBCs
-Once completed partner 2 runs to partner 1 and takes coupon
-role reversals
-rinse and repeat for 200 yds (down and back on Bayside parking lot)

Thang 2: Addition by Addition

– Pax circled up
– First person picks exercise and all pax complete 5 reps of that exercise (10 if Mary exercise)
– next person picks new exercise and all PAX complete 5 reps of that exercise + 5 reps of all previous exercises
– continue around circle until all PAX pick an exercise

Exercises chosen:
Jump squats
Flutter kicks
Big boy sit ups
Air squats
Ski abs
Spider-Man squats
Shoulder taps

Thang 3: Partner Work

Partners completed 4 sets of 30 LBCs while the other partner repped out as many dips as possible

Thang 4: Reserve Capacity

Indian run
-Single pass
-Merkins x25
-Single pass
-Air squats x50
-Single pass
-SSH x100

Mosey back to the flag for closing ceremonies: count-o-Rama,name-o-Rama, announcements, and intentions

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