7/31 The O Backblast

Weather: downloador with audio https://youtu.be/59xFuQ7HZ3o

VQ: Tin Cup PAX: Wham!, Noxeema Jackson, Cutlass, Vincent, Red Roof

COP:  8 SSH (in 8 count cadence), 8 Abe Vigoda (in 8 count cadence), 8 Grass Grabbers and then Cutlass demanded movement or he’s was heading out of the monsoon

Thang 1: 8 furlong (1-mile) trip from the tennis court to the playground with 4 pit stops for 8 merkins and 8 big boys at each stop.

Thang 2: 8 stations at the playground (adapted from previous Grinder beatdown) – 8 big boys, 2 sets of 8 gas pumps on the swings, 8 big boys, 2 sets of 8 incline merkins on the ladder, 8 pull-ups, 8 decline merkins on the bench, 2 sets of 8 offset merkins on the slides; 8 dips on the bench. Repeat.  There wasn’t much lightening so using big metal objects was of no concern.

With 15 minutes left, long-way run/swim back to the tennis court for some Mary/backfart symphony.  The PAX picked-me up with rotating call on the Mary.

COT – Quick reflection and it was time to get out of the rain.

I’ll never forget that morning.  Thanks for the guys showing up in those conditions.  In the past, I viewed exercise as a necessary evil to be healthier and I never really enjoyed it or stuck with it.  Now with F3, I’m looking forward to the workouts and being healthier is just a nice perk.  Thanks.


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