Back Blast – 8/2 at the Agony

Thanks to the PAX for putting up with my sweaty finger technical difficulties (or iPhone bugs for all the android users out there). Otherwise, the weather was great and we welcomed two FNGs this morning.

PAX: Viking, Steerage, Meter maid, Mud Bug (FNG), Jolly Rancher (FNG), Airplane, Valdez, Launch Pad (R ), PorkChop, Mamma’s Boy, Milton, Catfish, Abacus, Cowboy, Woody, Gilligan, PK, Cochran, Drumroll, Fergie (Q)

SSH * 50
Plank to down dog to l/r calf stretch to cobra * 2
Cherry Pickers * 10 (4 count)

We took a quick mosey around the school (about a 3/4 mile) to pick up the coupons, and return to start for Thang 1.

Thang 1
We all partnered up. While Partner 1 is doing mixed exercises (called out by PAX), Partner 2 is;
1) Bear Crawl to station 1 – burpees * 10
2) Lunge to station 2 – BBSU * 10
3) Bernie Standers to station 3 – carolina dry dock
4) Sprint back & tag your partner – switch

2 rounds for each of the PAX.

Thang 2
40/20 second tabata. The PAX set off at a station, and we set off on rotation.

1 – shoulder taps
2 – shoulder press w coupon
3 – L/R/C pushup with coupon
4 – bent over rows w coupon
5 – bicep curls (w coupon)
6 – kettle bell swing (w coupon)
7 – blockee or man-maker (burpee with a coupon)
8 – squats w coupon
9 – squat jumps (butt low to ground, spring up to jump)
10 – Al Gore
11 – plank (no coupon)
12 – American Hammers
13 – LBCs
14 – Flutter kicks
15 – donkey kicks
16 – mountain climbers
17 – ski abs

I had planned to get a full rotation, but Airplane reminded we had to return the coupons so we cut it a little short. So we took the coupons back, and circled up for COT. We welcomed two new FNGs, Mud Bug and Jolly Rancher to the PAX. Intentions were said, and I failed at a quote about not taking “today” for granted.

For the record, the abbreviated version from Meditations is; “The present is the same for everyone; its loss the same for everyone; and it should be clear that a brief instant is all that is lost. For you can’t lose either the past or the future; how could you lose what you do not have?” In other words, the past is gone, and there are no guarantees on the future. Make every moment count.

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