Backblast – 8/10 BlackOps Ruck Training at The Posh

PAX:  Flounder, Fanny Pack, Pew Pew, Star Child, McAfee, Huggies, Nino, Nice and Slow (Q)

This was the third BlackOps Ruck Training session and I was excited that eight of us made it out considering the earlier start time (5:15 AM) and because of the big August Ruck event tomorrow.

The focus of today was to make it up the big hill by the North Posh, which is about 2.5 miles from where we started.  In addition, every five minutes we had to do 25 of whatever exercise was called out, with our ruckpacks on.

The exercises that we rotated on the five minute intervals were: merkins, squats, calf raises, and dips. In addition, we had one heavy sandbag that each PAX had to carry for a five minute interval (most of us carried it twice).

On the way to the hill, we had five minutes of Native American Runs.  As luck would have it, a lot of the run was uphill.  Huggies was stuck with the sandbag, which made it all the more impressive when he sprinted to the front on an incline.  The guy is a beast!

The good news is that we made it up the hill!  It took us about 32 minutes to get there, so we had to speed up for our return to the flags.  We decided to go off the path and onto the road.  After almost getting run over twice by a Park Ranger who was driving completely out of control and at high speeds (even after seeing us), we made it back to the flags about four minutes past our cutoff at 6:15 AM.  In addition, we ran into Flounder who was rucking solo because he did not know of the earlier start.

I want to thank everyone who came out and supported me on my first Q.  I guess I have popped my F3Q cherry.


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