On October 5, 2018, @Skid, @OJ, @PK and @ Kilo are participating in the GoRuck Star Course in Cincinnati.  The Star Course is a 50-mile ruck (minimum) that must be completed in under 20 hours.  As a team we decided to add a 3rd F component.  That’s where the “Autism Rucks!” movement began.  The team will be raising money and promoting autism awareness, all for the benefit of FEAT of Louisville.

Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S. FEAT is growing to meet the ever increasing needs of these families. FEAT’s mission is to ease the autism journey through support, education and programs. FEAT’s strength as a community is powered by love and built on the commitment of individuals like you.

SPECIAL OFFER TO F3 Louisville PAX!!!!  For a minimum donation of $20.00 you can own one of these custom-made AUTISM RUCKS! morale patches. Simply make a donation through the link below.  @Skid is notified of all online donations and will get the patch to you at an upcoming F3 workout.

There is a limited supply, so hurry up and donate today while supplies last!

One thought on “AUTISM RUCKS! PATCH —— SPECIAL OFFER TO F3 Louisville PAX!!!!

  1. I’m a Rucker here in Richmond, Virginia and wanted to know if there were any of these patches left. My 9 y/o son is in the spectrum and I’d love to have one of these for my ruck as a way to spread awareness and honor him.


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