You know How recently there has been a trend of pax writing the back blast for the Q? Kind of fun right? Getting the deats from a different perspective.

Well, This isn’t one of them. This BB is being written because….umm….well…..Quimby is on holiday, Quimbying….and I’m guessing it’s not on his radar. And Buuuuusch, Wham, and Glenn are wondering if and when they are getting credit for their post. So here it is.

F3 Has grown. A lot. And that’s great. And I’ve loved meeting all these new guys. But I miss my pledge class. Today was old school. Sort of like Woodstock- sans the booze, drugs, and tunes. This Monday BO at the O was a great way to get the gang back together. Fun.

Q- Quimby



Glenn Ross




6 pax Meet at the FIA flag at 5:30. I rolled in at 5:31 (it was a ZC to be fair) and saw no one. Then I saw 10 FIA ladies moseying to the tennis courts. Maybe I join them. It’s Mouth’s M’s VQ. I could probably Larry Bird it. Should I support? Nah. I’m gonna go find them. No time to pull a Zartan. I’m gonna find them.

And there they were. On the basketball courts doing COP. Great. Perfect timing. I bet I missed SSH! Suweeet. We did normal stretches. Then ended with SSH. Boo.

Thang 1

Sprint to baseline. Do 5 merkins. Sprint back. 5 Bobby Hurley’s. Do this 5 times.

Did another with LBC and squats. 5x

Did another with burpees and lunges. I think.

Thang 2

Run to mount Quimby. There was a tree down. Cops everywhere. Audible. Wham takes the lead and takes us to a hill leading up to 2 fairway. Nice.

We did pretty much the same stuff as on the basketball court. P1 sprints up the hill while P2 stays T bottom and does something hard. Did this for a bit. Then I mentioned how nice it’d be to run on those fairways. So we did. Quimby is a generous Q.

Thang 3

Scout run all over the golf course avoiding dudes cutting greens. Headlights were helpful. Scout run over. We’re on a trail. Along a fence. Through an unmarked gate. Over a bridge I’ve never ever been on in my life. Then…..poof!! We are back at the courts. Magic. Never taken that route. Fun.


Intentions and words of encouragement to do something nice today. Wham called the 6 and we laughed. Good to see these dudes/HIM’s


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