B.B. 8.30.18 @Of3Louisville Temple of Gloom

Ok. Maybe that was click bait. So this is the B.B. of one of the other F3 Louisville AO’s that also worked out on Thursday morning. If you are one of the new 238 twitter followers to @f3louisville – this took place at Seneca Park. We had a Q who actually participated in the work out (head nod to SC) and everything. It was crazy.

Pax 19

Glenn Ross, Diablo, Country Boy, Quimby, Old Bay, Fonda (for a bit) Loco, OJ, Pork Chop, Fridge, Mammas Boy, Buuuuusch, Spinal Tap, Daisy Dukes, Alexa, Tureeen, Fergie



Clown carred to the O with moonlight, CB, OB, and Quimby. Already laughing at 5:13 am, and welcoming back 2 great dudes. Great start!!

Get to the O. See a lot of old familiar faces. And some newer faces. A year ago- there were lots of new faces. Now they’re old faces. And better yet – new friends. Glenn, Buuuusch, Fridge, Tap, and Tureen all came from the Mutt. Yes. Mutt’s travel. And Mutt’s have the ghost flag. So stop with the fake news. Any who – also saw O OG’s OJ, Loco and Diablo. Great old faces. Daisy Dukes was back out after his first post on Tuesday, and mommas boy (who’s a good friend) travelled all the way from somewhere outside the Gene Snyder to come to my Q. Humbled. I don’t get to see Fergie, Fonda (who hates running – thus the name) and pork chop as often. Great reconnecting with them. Great crew. I’m stoked!!!


Baby blue nike 7inch inseams with the built in liner. Which is important if there’s a possibility of Ace and Garys. Gray white claw F3 shirt. Sadly, my only F3 shirt. But I matched Moonlight. So I knew I was winning. Sauconys and 3 head lamps. Tight.

Disclaimer given. Asked if we had any narcissists?? Everyone said no. Old Bay said They were all at the Posh. Ah. Ok. Got it. Perf. Let’s go!!


Run to school.

Kendra Newman’s in honor of country boy’s triumphant return.

Slow Abe Vigodas

Mountain climbers

Downward dog.

Thang 1

Partner up

Pax 1 full leg extension amrap dips while p2 sprints to fence. 10 derkins on 1st rung, 5 on the next, and 5 on the 3rd. Don’t fall over. Rinse and repeato x 3

Half speed jog to the light post. Buuuusch won by 50 yards. We reminded him that the cameras were at the Posh. AYG back. Buuuuusch got last. Smart ass.

Jog back to the flag and I had the pax do some burpees wile i got in my car for some water and those headlamps. Maybe turn the ac on for a sec. Crap! Kiki on the radio. Damn. Better drink a little more water. Love that jam. Ok. You all can stop doing burpees. “We going off campus fer a run.”

Thang 2

2 lines. Scout run to the second hole. Bad idea. Different running errr styles got us a bit spread out. Buuuusch and OJ always finding the 6. Me too. Or maybe I was the 6. Either way. We left no man behind. Or did we? Or did he stay at the flag? I think the latter. Got to the lush fairways of Seneca golf course.

Thang 3

What’s it called when you want to do ace and Gary’s … But you also want to add a third member? You got it. An Ace and Gary Quimby!! Here we go.

We had 19. So 5 groups of 3. 1 group of 4. Easy. Math for F3 guys is always easy. 🙄. Whether you are counting off, pairing up, or counting to 5. It’s always a fluster duck. This day was no different. We actually had 3 groups of 6. 3×6=a number not called 19. Who we missing? Buuuusch just arrived with the 6. Anyone hear anything? Some circled back. Nothing. Fonda ghosted. Dang. That’s on the Q. My bad.

Ok. Ace and Gary Quimbys

P1 planks with hands on p2 feet. P2 does Big boi sit-ups amrap while P3 sprints 75 yards up and back. Running on those fairways is glorious. Do this 3 times or until the greens keeper kicks you off the course. Whichever is first. We got booted. Old Bay and I wanted to yell and scream about taxpayers and public parks and the fact that we know somebody on the KY Supreme Court – but decided to be good boys and dropped our heads and moseyed through the woods and across the bridge to

thang 4.

Lined headlamps on 5 wooden stakes. Bearcrawl to first stake and do 10 merkins. Then 9 until you get to 6. Grass was high-ish. Apparently Seneca is also adopting the Managed meadow thing. Squats until the 6 arrives. Reverse. Crawl bear back doing 5 merkins all the way to 1. Do this until you get to the end – or until a suspicious cop pulls up. Whichever is first. Cop pulled up. But Only fridge was breaking 40’s on the ground – so he let us slide. Let’s mosey back to the flag where it’s safe. Geesh. I implore the O site Q’s to handle their biness. Hard to work out with e’eryone shaking you down at every turn.


10 Catalina wine makers. Yep.

Country boy called out the only other exercise he could remember and we did 15 American hammers.


NOR. Spinal tap got the 6. Lied about liking enya, and told us he likes rubbing backs. Announcements for things and intentions for those in need. I reminded the pax to reach out to those going through tough times, and reminded them to reach out to a pax member on sabbatical. It was so great to see CB and Moonlight back in the gloom. Thanks for all that came. Means a lot.

And yes. We saw you on TV Kilo. Walking back and forth in front of the camera. Kind of like that kid behind the ESPN announcers at the basketball game. I also saw that tight neon game. Looking good my man!! I only Put that camera biz in to see if you read. I Missed ya!!! Ok. Out.


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