Temp – 75 Humidity – Lots!

Swag – Graybar hi-vis yellow shirt over black Under Armour base layer, Speedo shorts (not that type of Speedo), Adidas socks, Saucony Ride 7’s, iPhone.

AO – Back and forth between the tennis courts and playground at the O.

Started off with disclosures (added an extra that this was a VQ) and asking if any FNGs, no FNGs but had Brother-at-Law visiting from Nashville, so he knew the deal.


Wham!, Tin Cup, Snowman, OJ, Loco, Grinder, Glen Ross, Donger, Chicken Fried, Brother-at-Law, Chestnut (Q)


Lap around the four tennis courts nearest to the rendezvous point of the O.

Circle up and started with 25 SSH IC, I wanted to do the 100 in honor of Star Child, but knew I would be a bit tight on time.

Matt Biondi


Hillbillies – IC that I completely butchered on the cadence.

Thang 1: Cindy

Mosied on over to the playground to meet lady #1, Ms Cindy, at the playground. Broke out into 3 groups of groups, 2×4 & 1×3. Group 1 did 5 Pull-Ups, Group 2 did 10 Merkins & group 3 did 15 Squats. We AMRAPed this exercise for 20 minutes, with the goal to perform the 100 Pull-Ups, 200 Merkins & 300 Squats. This is an abridged version of the Murph, sans the mile at the beginning and the end. Went just as I had planned it…confusion and disorder after the first rotation, but everyone was great and made due with what we had.

Mumblechatter was at a minimum, until I was asked when some HIM could start running, another wanted to introduce me to different type of lady, & others asked me not to set them up on a blind date ever again.

Thang 2: The Gross

Back to the tennis courts to finish the day on the wonderful green asphalt. 12 reps @ 12 different stations


  1. Merkins – I hear some questions from the PAX if I had forgotten we already had done some Merkins with Cindy.
  2. Copperhead Squats w/Calf Raises
  3. Plank Jacks (IC)
  4. Lunges – 6/leg 12 Total
  5. Alternating Shoulder Taps. Was supposed to have a Merkin in there, but I think we had performed almost enough at this point.
  6. Bobby Hurley’s
  7. Air Presses – I checked the clock at this point and found out we were perfect on time, so I felt pretty good about this thing going just as planned.
  8. Imperial Walkers – Single Count (If anyone could count at this point of the morning.)
  9. Mountain Climbers – 12/leg
  10. Gas Pumps – Thought it would be nice to have a seat at this point
  11. BURPEES – PAX had thought/hoped/prayed this card had been misplaced. (Hindsight, this should have been Station 1, 2, or 3.)
  12. LBC – AMRAP until the PAX finished the Gross.

At this point I ran off to grab a speaker for the last little surprise the PAX would have the pleasure of experiencing. While I ran to the bulletin board one fine HIM took the lead and called out some Mary, as I returned they were finishing some flutter kicks. Thank you for stepping forward.

Thang 3: Bring Sally Up

To finish off the WO I thought everyone deserved a bit of music for their hard work this early and making my first VQ a “success”, so I played “Flower” by Moby so everyone could finish off with a little planking. Oh, and there was a couple for Merkins sprinkled in with the song.

For those who have not had the pleasure to experience this one, starting in the prone position, when the song says “Bring Sally Up” the PAX raises, on the “Bring Sally Down” the PAX does just that, and holds the down until “Bring Sally Up” returns. It works out to 30-31 Merkins in the 3:30 minutes.

I think everyone was fairly smoked at that point which was great, because we had just enough time to get back to the Rendezvous Point, make announcements and intentions.

Numberrama, NOR, Intentions, COT:

11 total showed up for the VQ.

We prayed for Wham!’s nephew in his recovery. Tin Cup asked everyone to keep his son in their thoughts as he has his first day of rugby practice, today, at University of Dayton. For all those said and unsaid intentions we prayed and thanked God. Since we were all accounted for, I hoped I did not leave and man were I found him this morning, and thanked them for enduring this VQ.

Then I breathed a bit of relief to accomplish something that had been ‘haunting’ me for the weekend.


– Chestnut

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