BackBlast from the Loco #TheCounty 9/4/2018

After a long Labor Day weekend, I was hesitant how many HIMS would show up for a Tuesday workout or Beatdown depending on your skillset.

Alexa and I arrived @ 5:15, @Launchpad was already in the parking lot waiting on us. I was pumped that other HIMS wanted to sweat it out at 5:30 with me.

As I went over my winkie for the morning, and the rest of the PAX started showing up I was excited. Then @McAfee showed up and I was thinking did I prepare for a good post Labor Day Beatdown. I hope my 12 ounce curls at the pool didn’t get in the way of my pre-planning workout.

To late now, this workout will be a good Beatdown and make me a better Man!!!




Big Bird




Jolly Rancher

Mud Bug

Launch Pad(R)

Double Down(R)

Little Jerry(R)

Forced Closed(R)






Mama’s Boy-Q

COP: Planked for the PAX

Downward Dog- Calf Stretch L&R


25- SSH

15- Abe Bagoda

15- Grass Grabbers

Grab Coupons and Partner up to the front of the school.


Partner 1- Bear Crawl 20yd, Mario 100yds, 20 Air Squats then sprint back

Partner 2- 25-shoulder presses, 5 blockies, 25 Curls, 5 blockies. With Coupons

Switch after each run and did this Twice

Thang 2:

Indian Run to the Park off Central Ave.

At the Park- Lunge Walk around the Park and have 3 stations of Copperhead Squats X10

Thang 3:

Mosey back to the Coupons:

Partner 1- Bernie Sander all the way

15-Bobby Hurley’s then sprint back

Partner2: 10- Plank Jacks- 4 count

15-Carolina Dry-Docks Amrap- Big Boy Sit-ups

Did this Twice as well…….

-Put Coupons up and went to Flag for Mary!!!

Planked and LBC for the rest of the PAX.


15-Flutter Kicks- 4 count

10(maybe 15) Big Boy Sit-ups

15- Flutter Kicks- 4 count

Asked for intentions and Announcements.

My grandmother is having open heart surgery tomorrow. Prayers are needed.


-Abacus and his M

Prayers for the Trinity student who was swept away in the high water last week.

I left the PAX with a final reminder that our struggles might not be in the same realm as others, so take that into consideration and be conscience of our surroundings. Be better Men, Husbands and Friends.


Happy Tuesday!!!!!!

Mama’s Boy Out👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

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