08/30/18 BB: Delayed. Glauc Q for Sadie.. #minicouponfun

Sorry for delay… it was the second day in a row of Q’ing and I simply did not think about a BB until this weekend.

Sadie wanted to venture to the posh for @f3starchild Starchild’s headnod.  As a new PAX member, I wanted to give him the opportunity to go.  So, I took his Q.

Q: Glauc

PAX:  Gpa Bear, Banana Bread, Fanny Pack, Mr. Bubbles, Charlois, Krispy Kreme, Birdie, Krystal,  Shuttlecock, Gilly

Mosey’d around parking lot, back to start.

COP:  30 SSH (IC) plank Stretching , 25 SSH (IC), Plank Stretching, 8 cobra merkins, 12 merkins

Grab 2 mini coupons (about 5-6 lb brick pavers)

Mosey to side of school  (all running / mosey with mini coups)

1 minute intervals (with 15 sec break between)   Merkin Rows (right side w/ coupon)  , Merkin Rows (left side with coup), money mayweathers ( with coupon)

continue mosey around school

1 min intervals.  Courtesy lunge with upright shoulder press (right side courtesy ), Courttesy lunge with upright shoulder press (left courtesy), sumo squats with arm extensions (sorta like thursters)

continue mosey

1 min intervals.   Merkins,  elbow Plank hold, (honestly, I forgot what we did the last minute)

continue mosey

1 min intervals.  partner up Ace/Garys, switch partners Ace/Gary,  Ankle biters

continue mosey back to front of school

1 min intervals.  Courtsey lung with shoulder press (alternating leg courtesy), Merkin rows (right side with coupon), Merkin rows (left side with coupon)

mosey back  to close to coupon area

10:40 Merkins, shoulder taps (no coupons)

10:40  Merkins, Shoulder press (with coupons)

only did one set of the above (the 10:40)

I was pouring with sweat.  It was 77 and about 90% humidity.


Glauc OUT!

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